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Aim Pro Shop

When transportation challenges arise, Aim answers them.

Aim’s newest venture in the transportation industry, aptly named “Aim Pro Shop,” offers the service of professional shop management. This service allows Aim to utilize its 30 years of fleet maintenance experience to help you cut costs and focus on your core business, while Aim Pro Shop does the same.

So, what all does this service entail?

Aim will assume the responsibilities and operation of your on-site fleet and maintenance shop, which allows you to benefit from our extensive history in successful shop management, our negotiated rates on parts pricing, and much, much more.

Pro Shop Benefits

  • Better fleet repair and cost visibility
  • Professional training from certified mechanics
  • Support Center assistance for all employees
  • True cost of labor
  • True cost of parts pricing
  • Customer is isolated from liability
  • Removal of the burden of management
  • Aim is constantly looking for and negotiating better pricing
  • Eliminating work from accounting through summarization
  • Warranty recovery
  • Fleet maintenance software at a reduced cost
  • Eliminate workers comp for shop staff

Why do you need professional shop management services?

  • You are undergoing a cost-cutting campaign company-wide or even evaluating opportunities for cost-saving.

  • You feel your mechanics and maintenance personnel aren’t performing to their maximum capacity or lack access to the resources to keep up with new and improved equipment maintenance practices.

  • Your company finds it difficult to keep up with the high-tech training required to maintain a fleet.

  • You feel your maintenance costs, fleet CPM, parts, tires, shop tools, and diagnostic equipment costs are spiraling out of control and hurting your bottom line.

  • You are finding your CSA scores are reaching, or are at, dangerous levels which could jeopardize your entire operation.

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