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Aim NationaLease
1500 Trumbull Avenue
Girard, Ohio 44420
Phone : 330-759-0438
Fax : 330-759-3721
Toll Free : 1-800-321-9038
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NationaLease tractor supplies NationaLease
  • $4 billion franchiser
  • 150,000 units leased
  • 700 locations nationwide
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The Transportation Challenge

Transportation issues can present real challenges for your company. At Aim, we meet those challenges head-on with service and flexibility. We are the industry leaders in full service truck leasing. Aim is large enough to provide solutions to a wide variety of transportation concerns and small enough to provide personal attention to your specific needs.


Aim is dedicated to providing unparalleled service and quality. Aim will work with you to establish strategic solutions targeted at the achievement of your overall company mission to ensure that every full service truck lease and logistics operation results in the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your operation.


Aim offers a full range of services, including full service truck leasing, dedicated logistics, and commercial truck maintenance and truck rental. Aim combines innovation, technology and flexibility for today and the future. At Aim, dedication works and experience pays.


If you are unfamiliar with the value that truck leasing services can add to your company, we invite you to browse our web site or contact us at any time. We are a nation-wide truck leasing company that is ready to serve your transportation needs.


Our Company's History

Tom Fleming, president, purchased Aim in 1982. In 1906, Fleming’s grandfather, J.V. McNicholas, geared up the horse and buggy and began hauling meat and luggage from the rail yards in Youngstown, Ohio. A few years later, J.V. McNicholas’ horse and buggy grew into a successful hauling business.


After deregulation in 1980, McNicholas Transportation branched into leasing trucks. Tom Fleming managed this division, known as Aim NationaLease, and their 25 trucks.


In 1982, McNicholas Transportation closed its doors and Tom Fleming purchased the leasing subsidiary, Aim NationaLease. Aim moved to 1500 Trumbull Road in Girard, Ohio, which continues to stand as Aim’s headquarters today.


In late 1989, Aim established a logistics division which now makes up over 30% of Aim. This division of Aim continues to expand, and the industry boasts that logistics services will be the transportation and distribution choice of the future.


Today, Aim runs over 75 operations throughout the country. In the past five years, the company has doubled its size and still continues to grow. The past 26 years proved to be a great and exciting challenge for all the employees of Aim.


Aim’s doors remain wide open for new customers, new people, new locations and new challenges that will contribute to another chapter in Aim’s history. The new century provides even more opportunity for controlled growth and new innovative operations.

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Aim NationaLease was ranked among the Top 25 Logistics Companies in the US according to Transport Topics.


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