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Jessica Deane Named Aim's Vice President of Marketing


Aim Transportation Solutions is thrilled to announce the promotion of Jessica Bochy Deane to Vice President of Marketing. Since coming on board in 2008, Deane has risen through the ranks by forming and growing Aim’s marketing department into a well-oiled machine for lead generation and brand elevation.  

As Aim’s Vice President of Marketing, Deane will continue to lead the company’s marketing efforts on multiple fronts: promoting Aim’s unparalleled commercial fleet services, managing Aim’s brand identity, and, as of 2022, promoting Aim as an employer to foster recruiting and improve retention.

Over the last several years, Deane and the marketing department have worked tirelessly to attract new customers for all of Aim’s services, including full-service leasing, commercial rentals, dedicated contract carriage (Integrated Logistics), maintenance, professional shop management (ProShop), certified pre-owned truck sales and freight brokerage (3PL).

This has been no easy feat, particularly throughout the last few years. The pandemic, stalling supply chains, driver and technician shortages, equipment manufacturing delays and the labor shortage has, on more than one occasion, completely upended the industry’s approach to business. However, Deane has guided her department through these rough waters, remaining agile and adaptable to find success no matter the climate of the market.


“Jess has been instrumental in elevating and promoting the Aim brand and supporting the Aim sales mission,” said Matt Svancara, Aim Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Her hard work, dedication and ingenuity with the marketing team ripples across the entire company and has rocketed Aim to the next level.”

More recently, Deane and the marketing department have taken on a greater role with Aim’s recruiting department, working in tandem to attract candidates and promote Aim as the career destination that it is. With the major influx of businesses seeking Aim for their commercial fleet service needs, it has been an all-hands-on-deck effort, working non-stop to bring aboard the best and brightest to uphold Aim’s unparalleled customer service. Despite an unprecedented spike in demand paired with national truck driver and diesel technician shortages, Deane and her team have quickly adapted to marketing in an entirely new environment and, despite the challenges, have enjoyed noticeable success.

“Aim is more than the company I work for, it’s part of who I am,” said Deane. “Aim and the Flemings have supported me through getting my MBA, through two cross-country moves, through growth and change, through many setbacks, but even more wins, and I’m incredibly proud to be woven into the fiber of Aim and have it woven into the fiber of me.”

“Since beginning her Aim career 14 years ago, Jessica has built and expanded out marketing department’s reach, capabilities and overall success to extraordinary levels,” said Aim Co-President Geoff Fleming. “She has continuously demonstrated a knack for long-term, big-picture thinking without losing sight of details, and I have no doubt that in this elevated role she will continue to create new, innovative avenues to increase Aim’s brand awareness and bring in new customers to the Aim family.”

“I’ve spent a decade and a half growing with people who are so much more than coworkers,” Deane added. “From people who have coached me and shown me how to be a strong leader—the Flemings, Matt Svancara, Terry DiMascio, Dave Gurska, John Reed, and Patty Durkin—to my peers who I’ve grown up with and been able to lean on.”

“And, most importantly, my team,” Deane continued, “the people who support me and allow me to support them as a leader, whom I spend day-in and day-out laughing, crying, fighting through frustration and roadblocks with: Aim’s Marketing Department, Conrad Smith, Joelle Hallis, Taylor Nelson and Tammie Rodriguez. It’s an honor but also a challenge to be the leader of such a strong group of individuals because it forces you to be better, and I’m grateful for that challenge they present to me.”

Jessica Deane holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Ohio University, and she earned a Master of Business Administration degree in 2020 from Youngstown State University. She hails from Pulaski, PA, but currently lives in Columbus, OH, with her husband, Mitch, and their two dogs. In her spare time Jess enjoys traveling, fitness, and, most of all, food.

“This promotion is the culmination of so many years of pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and doing the hard work it takes to truly grow,” Deane concluded, “and I see this promotion as the beginning, not the end of my climb.”

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