Winterization 2016

Posted on September 26th, 2016

Aim NationaLease

Unfortunately, it is time to get serious about the weather change that is quickly approaching and we need you and your transportation team to take time to review how to prevent winter related delays. Please review procedures that will help eliminate winter related problems.

• Most Aim equipment has electric engine heaters. It is the drivers’ responsibility to plug in the unit in at the end of each trip if the temperature is forecasted to go below 15 degrees. It is imperative the units be plugged in at the end of the trip, while, the engine is still warm. In order for this to work the driver needs an accessible exterior plug that is live, properly grounded, and in good repair as well as an extension cord that is properly rated, long enough, and in good condition.

• At Aim we use an additive blend in the fuel at our locations. We recommend that each of you that have your own fuel tanks adopt the same procedure. Please buy quality, pure diesel fuel not a bio-diesel mixture and have it treated to -20 degrees.

• If you’re not using Aim fuel please contact us to purchase bottles of additive for your drivers to add each time they fuel at a fuel station that does not have treated fuel. Or, when the temperature is forecasted to drop below zero. This will assure that they are getting the proper mixture avoid fuel freezing. If, you are buying treated fuel, is it not necessary to treat the fuel. Over-treating the fuel will prevent fuel gelling; but, it could result in diesel injector or high pressure fuel pump damage.

• Another common winter problem is airline freeze-ups. To avoid this problem, every driver needs to drain the unit’s air tanks at the end of each trip by pulling the drain cords on each drain valve. Water in the air lines will result in air brake freeze ups. If, the driver sees a lot of water coming from the drains; please, contact your domicile shop or road rescue; because, there might be a problem with your air dyer. This should receive immediate attention to avoid a potential breakdown.

• We encourage all drivers to stock their units with winter related supplies in case of a breakdown or a “no start”. These items are water, food, blankets, sleeping bags, warm coat, gloves, boots, hat, cell phone or CB radio, and anything else they deem appropriate. Your drivers’ well-being and safety is our primary concern.

• Discuss with your drivers; if, any lights appear on the dash to please contact Aim immediately.

• Finally, Aim is available to make a winter operation presentation to your drivers. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please call your local Aim representative. We at Aim want to do anything and everything possible to make this winter as safe and trouble free as possible.

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