Shirley Bland Celebrates 30 Years with Aim

Posted on February 1st, 2018

Scherry May

Aim is proudly celebrating its 30th anniversary with long-time employee, Shirley Bland. Shirley works out of Aim’s corporate headquarters in Girard, Ohio where she holds the title of Corporate Fleet Asset Manager. “Shirley has been an integral part of Aim’s growth and success over the last 30 years” says Aim President, Tom Fleming. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without her” he goes on to say.

Shirley started out in the Permitting and Licensing Department in 1987. She moved around to several other positions gaining knowledge and a broad understanding of the leasing business. “I have been working in Asset Management since 2004” says Shirley. “I have had the pleasure over the years of working with some of the most incredible people! I believe in the importance of teamwork” she goes on to say. Her motto is “Teamwork makes the dreamwork!”

In addition to working for Aim Shirley is also an active member of our country’s armed forces. Shirley is a Master Sergeant in the United States Army, stationed in Columbus, OH. She is the Senior Non Commissioned Officer in the Human Resource Section for a Combat Training Battalion. She has also been heavily involved in Drug Testing/Prevention during the last 20 years in the military. She has spent 2 ½ years deployed in Afghanistan and Kuwait and been in the Army for a total of 33 years.

Shirley has 4 children with her husband of 33 years, Joe Bland. Her children are: Rheadus Bland – Sergeant First Class stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky (Military Intelligence) - son, Joe Bland – Sergeant stationed in Germany (Sniper) - son, Daughters - Joanna and Christina both live and work in Nashville, TN. Two grand-daughters – Liyah and Mariah, one grandson – Beau and one on the way.

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