Keany Produce Partners with Aim

Posted on July 31st, 2018

LANDOVER, MD – Since 1978, Keany Produce & Gourmet’s core business has been to ensure their customers—some of which include high-end restaurants with celebrity chefs, supermarkets, hotels and schools—receive the region’s finest, locally grown produce delivered to them on time, every time.

Their core business, however, doesn’t include truck maintenance and repair. But this is where Aim’s ProShop service comes in.

On July 30, Aim partnered with Keany’s location in Landover, MD, to oversee and streamline its maintenance operation, which is located nearby in Hyattsville, MD. This will allow Keany to focus on its core business while Aim’s trained professionals (overseen by on-site Aim Service Manager Jeff Becker and Aim Regional Manager Bill Gates) cultivate their current maintenance culture into a highly efficient maintenance operation.

On top of that, Aim ProShop will provide Keany with administrative relief as well as discounted parts pricing.

“With Aim’s 35 years of experience in overseeing maintenance shops, we’re thrilled to bring Aim’s brand of facility management to Keany,” said Jeff Manion, Aim’s Vice President of ProShop.

The ultimate goal is to simultaneously help stimulate Keany’s on-going tradition of outstanding products and service, thereby expanding its business in Landover and surrounding regions, while Aim’s ProShop services continues to magnify its nationwide presence.

“Each operation is different, and though we’ll be met with challenges at Keany there is no challenge Aim isn’t up for,” said Manion. “We’re looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with Keany – which will spell growth for both companies.”

Aim ProShop is an unparalleled, dynamic service; unparalleled with more than three decades of successful shop management, and dynamic in its ability to assume the responsibilities and operation of any on-site fleet maintenance shop anywhere in the U.S.—and we mean anywhere!

If the cost, responsibilities and burden of managing your own maintenance operation is impacting your primary business, visit or call 1-800-321-9038 for more information on how you can set up a free consultation, where our experts will go line by line to show you how this great product can save you money, time and resources.

A look inside Keany’s service shop in Hyattsville, MD.

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