Choice Stairways Dives into New Demountable Tech Provided by Aim

Posted on September 17th, 2018

PRINCE FREDERICK, MD – Demountable Concepts’ swap-body system could be the next great tech decision that you haven’t considered—yet.

Choice Stairways, a valued Aim customer, has made that decision, recently taking delivery of their new straight trucks installed with Demountable bodies.

“Choice Stairways has been an important member of our family of customers in the Washington D.C. area for 14 years,” said Rick McNerney, Aim Senior Account Manager in Landover, MD. “We’re so pleased to continue our partnership with the delivery of new trucks combined with new Morgan bodies mounted on the Demountable system.”

On delivery day, Demountable Concepts’ Dan Radcliff, Technical Support Director, and Gerry Hazzard, National Account Executive, joined Aim’s Rick McNerney; Rob Treesh, Service Manager; and Dan Fleming, Regional VP of Sales to demonstrate the proper and safe mounting and demounting procedures for their eight new bodies. It was an exciting moment in spite of the rain.

In case you’re not familiar, Demountable Concepts’ system works like this: Instead of all the components of a straight truck permanently bolted, fastened and welded together, this unique technology allows the chassis to separate from the box, similar to how a tractor trailer operates.

It’s an innovative spin on an old concept.

“The new Demountable System will allow us to load our completed staircases into the bodies at our plant while the trucks are still on the road making deliveries,” said Tom Jones, Executive Vice President of Choice Stairways. “We no longer have to store the completed product in valuable warehouse space for loading at night. We feel the efficiencies gained will not only improve our operating margins, but less handling of the staircases will increase safety and quality.”

Choice Stairways is a leading-edge stair and rail manufacturer. Located in Southern Maryland, Choice Stairways serves all of Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. Excelling in all types of stairs and balustrades, their great team has the experience, technology and artisans to manufacture circular, curved, spiral and straight staircases along with complimentary balustrades for residential, commercial and remodeling projects.

Aim is thrilled to have teamed up with Demountable Systems to provide this highly efficient technology to Choice Stairways. We’re proud to work with an expansive network of equipment manufacturers to offer truly customized solutions for our partners. This is yet another way Aim differentiates itself from the competition.

To find out how Aim can increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of your transportation operation, visit us at or contact us at 1-800-321-9038.

Demountable Concepts Technical Support Director Dan Radcliff (left, standing) leads the Choice Stairways team in a preliminary overview of the swap-body system.

The Choice Stairways team gets their first hands-on experience with their new equipment.

Left to right facing the camera – Dan Radcliff, Demountable Concepts Technical Support Director; Gerry Hazzard, Demountable Concepts National Account Executive; and Rob Treesh, Aim Service Manager, demonstrate how to properly deploy the system’s landing legs.

Everyone gathers to look at the underbody of the equipment and discover an unexpected benefit—relief from the rain!

Pictured, left to right, are Aim Senior Account Manager Rick McNerney, Choice Stairways President and Owner Ken Cleaver and Choice Stairways Executive Vice President Tom Jones.

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