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Second Harvest Campaign Beats Goals

Posted on June 21st, 2017

The generosity of Aim employees is boundless and results from the recently completed drive for Second Harvest Food Bank prove it. “We collected 483 pounds of food and $759 in 30 days, and both totals exceeded our goals,” said ANNA ULMER, recruiting manager, who chaired the committee. “It tripled what the committee set as goals and it’s the best ever.” Anna praised the commitment of her fellow associates for setting an Aim record with this latest campaign. She also praised volunteers from the company who donated 27 hours of work at the food bank warehouse. “Amazing job, everyone,” she wrote in an email. “We knocked it out of the park.” The company offered a number of incentives that played a role in setting those record-breaking results, Anna said. At the top of the list was a day of paid time off for one employee. A PTO day for a second employee was added “since everyone gave so much,” Anna said. “We gave away more prizes than anticipated because we tripled our goals,” she said. Everyone who contributed either food or money received tickets and from those donors, winners were drawn at random. The two PTO winners were DAWN SMITH and JOANN CONVERY. Seven other lucky winners received gift cards of either $25 or $50 to area restaurants, movie theaters and service stations. The next campaign will be held this summer, a time when Second Harvest needs the most help, and the committee is already working on other ideas and incentives. The bar has been set high with the latest results, which is fine with Anna and the committee members. “I think if we challenge everybody, we can find a way to exceed those numbers because we’re very competitive here,” Anna said. “Maybe we’ll consider challenges between departments or buildings. “We’ll have a team meeting within the next few weeks to solidify what we want to do for our next campaign,” she said.

Helping to pack food recently at Second Harvest Food Bank were (from left) Betsy Slater, Molly Slater, Paul Slater, Anna Ulmer, Sandra Osborne, David Barnes, Amy Barnes, Sarah Barnes and a volunteer who joined the Aim employees

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