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2019 National Work Zone Awareness Week Begins Today

Posted on April 8th, 2019

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“Drive like you work here” is the theme for this year’s National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW), which begins today and ends April 12. It’s a fitting notion as many commuters often see work zones as an inconvenience, taking little consideration for the individuals who work in these often-dangerous conditions.

On that, this effective tagline is asking us to do one simple thing: put yourself in the worker’s shoes. That is, if your life were on the line, would you slow down? Be more aware? More understanding?

The answer is yes.

Since 2000, the NWZAW is held each year in the spring (the start of construction season) to encourage safe driving in highway work zones nationwide. The key message here is for drivers to use extra caution in work zones.

You may be surprised to learn there were 710 fatal work zone crashes in 2017. The year before there were 687.

So, what are some things to consider when passing through a work zone? Here are some according to the Federal Highway Administration:

  • Stay alert and minimize distractions
  • Keep your headlights on
  • Pay attention to the road (obey road signs, watch traffic around you, etc.)
  • Merge into the proper lane
  • Leave plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you
  • Obey the posted speed limit
  • Change lanes safely
  • If there’s a flagger, follow his or her instructions
  • Expect the unexpected
Being patient and practicing the above guidelines can help save a life, including your own.

Aim Hosts Safety Meeting and Competition for Illinois-based Columbus Vegetable Oils

Posted on August 10th, 2018

DES PLAINES, IL – Recently, Aim hosted a safety meeting and “truck rodeo” for our customer Columbus Vegetable Oils at its base of operation in Des Plaines, IL. The event was part of the company’s annual safety meeting put on by Aim Safety Manager John Rugarber.

This year, however, was to be different than just the usual classroom setting.

Along with discussing safety topics with Columbus Vegetable Oil drivers, Rugarber enriched the meeting with a “truck rodeo,” which included both a driver skills and pre-trip inspection competition.

Roughly 15 drivers had multiple scoring opportunities in events including backing up to a dock, earning drivers more points the closer they got to the dock without hitting it; U-turn challenges; driving through a narrow lane of cones; stopping the truck’s front bumper as close to a designated marker as possible; and other challenges testing truck driving fundamentals.

The pre-trip inspection event gave each driver an allotted amount of time to inspect a truck and trailer preset with 20 DOT violations. Drivers scored points for each violation they discovered.

“The drivers appreciated the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of their peers and superiors,” said Aim Business Development Manager John Matthews, who also attended the day’s events. “The folks at Columbus Vegetable Oils are a great partner and I’m glad they allowed us to do this for them. They were certainly impressed with what John [Rugarber] put together and happy with the results.”

Matthews added, “This is a great example of the added value that Aim provides to our customers/partners. The Aim Safety Department is a major highlight when differentiating Aim from the competition. They are an important resource that greatly impacts our ability to sell Aim as a transportation provider”

Columbus Vegetable Oils has been an Aim customer for five years and has been in business for more than 75 years. They offer a full line of high quality vegetable oils along with vegetable and animal shortenings. For more on them, visit their website at .

For information on how leasing through Aim helps alleviate managing the responsibilities of safety and compliance, contact us through our website,, or call us at 1-800-321-9038.

Front bumper challange

A driver gets graded during the “front-bumper challenge.”

U-Turn course

A driver takes on the U-turn course.

Alley Dock Challange

Picture shows an attempt at the alley dock challenge being made.

TRALA Recognizes Aim Driver for Exceptional Driving and Community Service

Posted on May 31st, 2018

The Truck Renting and Leasing Association (TRALA) has recognized Aim driver Daniel Kinsman for his commitment to exceptional driving and community service that benefit the truck renting and leasing industry and respective communities.

“The honor I feel to be nominated for this award, I can’t put into words; it was, and still is, unbelievable,” Kinsman said. “I am also extremely humbled to be among other drivers who are counted as being amongst the best in the industry, despite my record not being near as accomplished as the others’. I don’t know how to convey how honored I truly am to have been chosen to represent Aim.”

Kinsman has been with Aim for 1½ years and drives for Aim Integrated customer Youngstown Pipe & Steel (YPS), out of Youngstown, OH, whose customers Kinsman is committed to taking care of.

Kinsman also trains Aim’s new YPS and apprentice drivers. And because of his positive attitude, patience and knowledge, Aim’s Operations and Safety departments rely on Dan to be “the face of Aim,” often pairing him with new drivers on their first days.

“Dan Kinsman shows up every morning ready to work, and most importantly, ready to work safely,” Mark Pelini, of Youngstown Pipe & Steel, said. “He takes care of one of our more difficult routes, and we truly appreciate Dan’s daily work ethic and communication. We at YPS want to congratulate Mr. Kinsman on his nomination for this great award and look forward to our continued work relationship for a long time.”

For those who know Kinsman, they’re probably not surprised by his adeptness behind the wheel. It is, after all, in his blood. His mother, who sadly passed away last year, was an over-the-road trucker and raised him in the truck, even going as far as to “homeschool” him while on the road. She did this for 16 years before becoming a driver instructor at New Castle School of Trades, in New Castle, PA.

And when he’s not in the driver’s seat? Well he’s still committed to trucking. In fact, he spends much of his free time developing new technologies for the industry and is currently working on obtaining a patent for a new suspension system he’s been working on for years.

Even with Kinsman’s extraordinary dedication to trucking, he still finds time to be an active participant in a Youngstown outreach program, where he helps the area’s homeless population.

Kinsman also spent four years serving our country in the United States Marine Corps.

“Dan Kinsman is one our best and brightest drivers at Aim. It is truly a pleasure working with someone that represents himself and Aim so well,” Aim Integrated Director of Regional Logistics Pat Grandy said.

According to TRALA, this year, the organization received 21 nominations, of which 20 drivers will be receiving certificates of merit for their outstanding service. These 20 drivers logged over 25 million miles, which includes city and over-the-road driving and have already earned statewide and company recognition for their safe driving careers.

Aim, as well as the transportation industry as a whole, is extremely fortunate to have individuals like Dan on the road and serving their communities.

Aim Integrated Director of Regional Logistics Pat Grandy (left) presents TRALA Certificate of Excellence to Aim Integrated/Youngstown Pipe & Steel Driver Daniel Kinsman and are joined by Aim Integrated Operations Dispatcher Ralph Wilson.

Pre-Trip Inspections

Posted on December 7th, 2016

Performing a pre-trip inspection of your vehicle is one of the most important duties of a truck driver.

Click HERE for more information on pre-trip inspections!

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