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Aim Transports Trump “Bobble Head” to RNC in Cleveland

Posted on July 20th, 2016

A life-sized model of the republican nominee was unveiled by the Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce at the Covelli Centre Friday morning and transported to “The Q” in Cleveland afterwards by an Aim Integrated Logistics trailer and Aim employees Patrick J. Grandy Director of Operations-Youngstown Region and John Ulmer, Safety Manager.

The 3D-printed bobble head was produced and designed by Freshmade 3D in Youngstown with assistance from Youngstown State University and Humtown Products, a longtime manufacturer in Columbiana.

The Chamber says the bobble head display at the RNC will be used to promote the Youngstown-Warren area as a “TechBelt” contender, which stretches from Cleveland to Pittsburgh.

The bobble head was created by applying several 3D-printing techniques using sand, metal and plastic.

Aim, a longtime supporter of The Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce, was asked to coordinate the logistics of getting the bobble head into Cleveland for the convention.

Grandy said of the event: “Working with the Youngstown Chamber of Commerce & Freshmade3D was a great experience. John and I were excited to have the opportunity to shine a positive light on the Mahoning Valley. We didn’t look at this project as a ‘political statement’…more as a chance to showcase AIM’s unique talents and abilities.” Grandy went on to say: “We viewed this project like any other…let’s get the job done to the best of our abilities and get home safe and sound.”

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