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Aim Holds Its First Ever Regional Managers Group Meeting

Posted on May 18th, 2018

This week marked Aim’s first Regional Managers Group meeting, held at the Holiday Inn on Rockside road in Independence, OH.

The gathering served as a platform for Aim’s rental management team to come together and discuss policies and procedures; brainstorm ways to improve productivity and rental utilization across our national regions; and examine the vision and direction of the department.

Aim Director of Rental Josh Lombardo, a 15-year veteran of the transportation industry, led the meeting.

The day was also a means to build cohesion among Aim’s rental leadership. On this, Lombardo said, “I am looking to the regional managers to provide strategic direction to their rental teams and to drive rental revenue and profitability.”

One strategy Lombardo and his team developed during Wednesday’s event is a new training program for developing current staff members and new-hires. The group also addressed and underscored the importance of daily communication between departments and the necessity to utilize corporate support in order to meet all company financial goals.

“Overall, we covered many topics, and I feel by the end of the day, our rental leadership team is equipped and energized to drive productivity in order to meet Aim’s overall goals,” said Lombardo.

Aim recently brought Lombardo on board to re-structure and change the culture of the rental department in order to drive rental sales efforts, revenue and profitability. His goal coming in was to turn the rental department into a key provider for the company’s bottom line within five years, and so far, he and his rental team have delivered measurable success.

Shown (l-r) are Josh Lombardo, Director of Rental; Patti Huston, Corporate Billing Manager; Gerrie Tipton, Regional Rental Manager; Kim Weaver, Regional Rental Manager; Jessica Cairns, Regional Rental Manager; Kim Fischer, Regional Rental Manager; Fran Kennedy, Regional Rental Manager; Anthony Gabriel, Regional Rental Manager; Rich Lamping, Corporate Asset and Facilities Manager.

Josh Lombardo, standing, leads his leadership team in discussion

The Aim rental management team talk over how to increase the department’s success.

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