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Aim Employee Visits School on Career Day

Posted on April 24th, 2018

ROMULUS, MI – Christina Slagenwhite, a five-year Aim employee, has a diverse work week. Monday through Friday she’s the Parts Administrator at Aim’s location in Romulus, MI. And every Saturday? She works at a flower shop.

Going from trucking to flowers every week is unique, and it’s also one of the reasons Debby Cunningham, teacher at Rawsonville Elementary, was happy to have Slagenwhite speak to children at the school’s career day on April 20.

The school was looking for a positive and diverse group of people to talk to students about their jobs, the special skills needed, where they grew up, how they got started and anything else that might urge young, eager minds to begin thinking about the future.

Slagenwhite spoke to eight different groups of students about her career, and she had this to say about the experience: “The most exciting part was seeing the change in the young people’s faces, as they filled with excitement, when they knew the answer to a question and how proud they were to be involved, asking their own questions.” This exemplifies the importance of events like these in spurring kids to think ahead about career goals and the path they need to take to achieve them.

Aim is proud to have employees like Slagenwhite taking the time to inspire youths. And who knows? Maybe she inspired a few future Aim employees!

Pictured is Christina Slagenwhite (left) with other Career Day volunteers.

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