288 Brand New Units Joining the Aim Rental Fleet

Posted on April 3rd, 2019

Aim Leasing Company has purchased 288 brand new vehicles to refresh and strengthen its rental fleet. This acquisition includes a robust mixture of day cabs, sleepers, box trucks and refrigerated units.

Over the past year, Aim’s rental services have grown significantly under the direction of Josh Lombardo, Aim’s Director of Rental, who was brought on at the end of 2017. As Aim’s rental services continue to expand nationwide, the company is making strides to accelerate this growth while ensuring current customers continue to lean on Aim when they need to rent commercial equipment. Part of this effort means replacing any vehicles 2013 or older.

While Aim stands behind the reliability of its current rental fleet, as equipment ages it becomes more challenging to maintain. New units require much fewer trips to the shop, which, in the case of Aim’s 288 new vehicles, will help drive profitability, according to Lombardo.

On top of that, an Aim rental vehicle is often the first taste customers get of Aim’s services. It isn’t rare for a business renting from Aim to migrate to a full-service lease, integrated contract or, at the very least, a custom maintenance program. Instances like these all start from a solid customer experience.

“First and foremost, we want current customers and prospects to have a great experience with Aim,” said Lombardo. “We understand that a business’s reputation is on the line every time a truck sets out carrying its goods and services, and having a fleet of new vehicles at the ready provides the reliability and confidence those utilizing our services expect.”

Pictured are three of Aim’s 288 new rental vehicles, including, left to right, a box truck, sleeper and refrigerated unit.

Moreover, sometimes perception is everything. Stepping into a truck or tractor of a newer model year offers peace of mind, even if they’re functionally no different from older trucks and equipment. This is particularly true for the driver. Operating newer equipment is simply more appealing – an important, sometimes overlooked aspect (particularly in the ongoing driver shortage).

Aim’s new fleet will include a variety of amenities to make the customer’s job easier. On that, customers will not only have a full menu of equipment types to choose from, but they’ll also have access to additional options, such as walk ramps, power liftgates and automatic transmissions.

A look inside one of Aim’s new automatic transmission sleepers.

The purchase of nearly 300 new trucks and tractors also means Aim will free up hundreds of vehicles for resale – 276 to be exact. Aim recently brought on Eric Samp as its Director of Used Trucks, and under his direction, Aim plans to see significant profits by selling off its older rental vehicles, especially as the used truck market remains strong.

“This is an exciting time for the rental department and the company as a whole,” said Lombardo. “Moves like these shows our commitment to excellence and will continue to cement Aim as a leader in transportation solutions.”

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