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Aim's Software Development Team Enjoys Winter Software Summit

Aim's software development team recently participated in team-building activities, and studied current and upcoming technologies during the group’s Winter Software Summit.

Led by Aim’s VP of Software Development, Dan Kellgren, the goal is to get the group out of the office to spend the day training, brainstorming, focusing on growing knowledge or skill for applicable technology-related topics.

These summits happen twice a year, and this one focused on “up-and-coming interests in technology.” Some of the topics presented were: robotics, chatGPT, quantum computing, SolarWinds hack, digital assistive devices (like braille input/output), crypto wallets, nuclear fusion, and, extended reality. After the presentations, the Software Development team had lunch and then spent time sharing in some social activities.

“It was a great experience having the whole team together, learning and sharing about new technologies, and spending some bonding time having fun," said Dan Kellgren.

Because they work behind the scenes, it may not be obvious at first, but Aim’s in-house software development team is vital to the customer experience. Spanning multiple industries and countless segments within those industries, Aim’s customers’ needs vary greatly. For example, data that’s useful for one business isn’t always useful to another, and the team goes through great lengths to ensure each individual customer has the reporting and functionality they depend on.

The software development team also focuses on enhancing the employee experience. For example, Aim’s internally developed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, Sales Gold CRM, helps Aim’s business development team better serve customers and potential customers alike. The development  group also created and manages the online Aim Web Portal, a central hub where employees can request vacation time, review benefits, manage their 401K, read company communications and much more. In addition to these website offerings, the team has also been hard at work on Aim’s mobile app, Aim Navigator. Within the app, customers can submit driver vehicle condition reports, connect with Aim’s Road Rescue department, check the status of loads and more. 

These items represent only a handful of what the team works on.

With the arenas Kellgren and his team work in being many and various, it’s easy to see why these Technology Summits play a crucial role in Aim staying on the cutting-edge of technology and upholding Aim’s unparalleled reputation as a flexible, all-in-one transportation solution.

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