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Webinar: Recruiting Diesel Mechanics

Diesel mechanics are the backbone of the transportation industry. Unfortunately, though, the national technician shortage has been gaining momentum, especially during the last few years. Countless variables are contributing to the shortage, which means there’s no easy fix. Because of this, the recruiting environment is fierce, and businesses are having to get creative and dump a ton of time, money and resources to attract candidates from a shrinking pool of available qualified diesel mechanics.

But we’re here to help! On Tuesday, October 18th, at 2:00 PM (Eastern), Aim Transportation Solutions will bring on special guest host Jane Clark, Vice President of Member Services at NationaLease, to share innovative ways to help you hire your diesel mechanics! Register now!

During the one-hour presentation, Jane will discuss how to effectively recruit diesel mechanics for your maintenance facility in light of the tightening availability of qualified candidates. Following her presentation, Jason Olesh, Aim's Vice President of ProShop will talk about Aim's ProShop division, a potential solution to your company's tech recruiting issue and how our internal recruiting department and ProShop platform has saved our customers from these headaches altogether. 

With Aim ProShop, we manage and streamline the day-to-day operation of your on-site maintenance facility. A key thing to remember, though, is you, the customer, always remain in control. So, Aim is charged with handling the shop’s overall performance; ongoing training, hiring and retaining mechanics; human resource matters; administrative tasks (billing, inventory management, reporting, etc.); and much more, but you, ultimately, have the final say in all matters.

This session will include a Q&A at the end, so come with your most burning retention questions for our experts to answer. 


An Outlook calendar invite will be sent to you within 24 hours of completion of registration.

More about Jane Clark:

Jane Clark is the Vice President, Member Services for NationaLease. In this position, she is focused on managing the Member Services operation, as well as working to strengthen member relationships, reduce member costs, and improve collaboration within the NationaLease supporting groups. Prior to joining NationaLease, Jane served as Area Vice President for Randstad, one of the world’s largest recruitment agencies, and before that, she served in management posts with QPS Companies, Pro Staff, and Manpower, Inc. Jane received a B.A. degree in Communication from North Central College and an MA in Communication from Northern Illinois University.

More about Jason Olesh:

Jason Olesh joined Aim Transportation Solutions in 1998 as a Regional Operations Supervisor. For more than 20 years, Jason has been an integral part of Aim's leadership team for all aspects of the commercial transportation business, including experience as Aim's Director of Recruiting, Training and Retention. Given the comprehensive, multi-faceted nature of Aim's ProShop service, his rich industry experience, knowledge and skill set has made him perfectly suited to help oversee this unique offering. 

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