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Undisrupt Your Supply Chain with Aim

“Supply Chain” seems to be the buzz word everyone wants to talk about. Supply chain disruptions have the ability to cause shortages on everything from toilet paper to electronics and toys to your Thanksgiving turkey. Between driver shortages, truck shortages and back-ups at the ports, every day brings a new challenge becoming increasingly frightening as the holidays quickly approach.

Whether your products arrive by sea, by air, or by good, old-fashioned American productivity, they all get on the shelves the same way—by truck. That’s where we come in.

Aim has been providing industry-leading solutions to your supply chain woes for over 50 years and we don’t intend to stop anytime soon. This holiday season and beyond, we are pulling out all the stops to help you “undisrupt” your supply chain.

Driver shortage? What driver shortage? Aim Integrated Logistics, the division of Aim Transportation Solutions which partners with customers to create customized dedicated contract carriage solutions, is ranked one of the Top 25 Logistics Companies in the U.S., according to Transport Topics and deploys drivers across the country daily.

“We recognize that for many, the cure for the driver shortage is a dedicated solution and we’re the best dedicated solution out there,” said Aim Integrated Chief Operating Officer, Dave Gurska.

A dedicated solution, like Aim’s, allows a customer to maintain capacity and customer flexibility without the huge initial capital investment, without the incredible risk involved in maintaining your own fleet, and [now-more-than-ever] without resource-crushing task of keeping drivers in trucks.

No truck to ship your load? We’ve got it covered. In addition to offering full-service leasing and commercial truck rental services at nearly 50 locations across the country, Aim provides third-party logistics (3PL) solutions from Aim Integrated Logistics Brokerage and Expedited Solutions. Aim Integrated provides full-service coverage for the continental U.S., Canada and Mexico and our experienced team will manage your shipment through delivery and beyond. We make finding the right carrier for your shipment a seamless process.

Tom Reda, VP of Business Development at Aim Integrated Logistics

As transportation experts, we know that a half-filled truck costs the same as a full one. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you stop paying for unused cargo space with our Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping services. Our Aim Customer Shipping Portal instantly connects you with our network of more than 100 vetted and approved LTL carriers making your next shipment quicker, easier, and cheaper.

“All of the services we provide at Aim Integrated are completely customizable to each individual business,” said Tom Reda, VP of Business Development at Aim Integrated Logistics. “We tailor each plan to what the customer needs and our brokerage, 3PL, and LTL services are available at the click of a button.”

Tom Reda, VP of Business Development at Aim Integrated Logistics

“As soon as the load is ready to ship, we can be there with an Aim truck and an Aim driver to move it— allowing the customer to continue focusing on their core business and instantly reducing all of these back-ups and supply chain disruptions,” he continued. “We don’t just give the customer options; we are their solution.”

Contact us today at and let us find the solutions for your transportation challenges.

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