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Scott Fornia-Fleming Featured on Cover of CIO Look

Aim President Scott Fornia-Fleming on the cover of CIO Look's most influential leaders shaping the future of logistics in 2024 edition.

Scott Fornia-Fleming, Aim’s President, was recently asked to appear on the cover of CIO Look magazine for their “Most Influential Leaders in Logistics 2024” edition. CIO Look is a publication platform where readers can explore the perspective of successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and innovators who drive business around the globe.

The CIO Look exclusive profile, The Aim Advantage: Scott Fornia-Fleming’s Leadership Philosophy in Focus, provides a unique insight into Scott's leadership and the culture of success he has fostered at Aim.

"Amidst the shifting tides of the transportation industry, akin to the dynamic waves on which Scott sailed during his Marine Corps service in Iraq. His commitment to duty and leadership forged a path that seamlessly transitioned from military service to the complexities of the business world. Scott’s expertise extends beyond conventional boundaries, showcasing skills in Operations Management, Business Development and Strategic Management.

At Aim Transportation Solutions, Scott’s leadership is marked by a commitment to inclusivity, innovation and customer-centric solutions. His passion is reflected in the company’s strategic initiatives—expanding geographic footprints, embracing new technologies and preparing for a future where the industry transforms before our eyes."

Scott assumed the role of President of Aim Transportation Solutions in 2019. The future of Aim is bright under his steady leadership, with Aim being named to Newsweek's list of top 100 Most Loved Workplaces® in 2023.

Check out Scott's full bio and meet the rest of our leadership team on our website.

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