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Scherry May Named Maintenance Support Director

Maintenance is the heartbeat of Aim’s day-to-day operations. In fact, Aim’s award-winning service not only sustains us; it elevates us. It’s why more and more companies are choosing Aim for their transportation needs. Aim as a company doesn’t get to its elite level without hardworking, dedicated individuals, those like Scherry May, who was recently promoted to Maintenance Support Director.

Scherry got her start in the transportation industry back in 1996 working for Fyda Freightliner in the warranty department. Two years later, in ’98, Scherry would join Aim’s warranty department, and, going on 25 years since, she has climbed the ranks while simultaneously establishing herself as an invaluable resource for Aim’s nationwide maintenance division.

When Scherry joined the company, Aim had approximately 24 service locations. In just over the two decades since, Aim has doubled in size, servicing a fleet of more than 11,000 vehicles out of 58 locations as far east as New York and as far west as Arizona.

“Scherry is Fabulous and is one of the hardest working people at Aim,” said Chris Disantis, Aim’s Vice President of Maintenance. “I can easily say that everyone in the field who works with Scherry knows that she gets things done and done timely. She is one of the most valuable people on my team.”

Truck maintenance is an ever-evolving industry. New technologies, regulations and processes constantly warp and reshape the landscape. Scherry has performed and continues to perform a vital role in ensuring Aim diesel techs and shops keep up with every shift in the industry. Whether it’s helping to prepare mechanics for a new generation of tools and diagnostic equipment or software training, Scherry has her fingerprints all over it.

Speaking of software training, another attribute that makes Scherry so indispensable is her knowledge and skill using Enrich. This software system is deployed companywide and is used to manage the innumerable elements of vehicle maintenance, such as repair histories, parts inventories, warranties, purchase orders and a whole lot more. And for many years Enrich training and support has been a critical part of Scherry’s role at Aim.

“There are so many new advancements coming to maintenance in the years to come, I am glad to be a part of it and help direct and support our team as much as they have supported me,” Scherry said.

Scherry went on to say she’s worked at Aim just about half her life. As extraordinary as that sounds, it’s not entirely uncommon to see other Aim employees with the similar multi-decade stints. It’s partly a testament to the family-owned, friendly, inclusive culture the Flemings—Chairman & CEO Tom Fleming, Co-President Geoff Fleming and Co-President Scott Fleming—and other top leadership have cultivated.

“Aim has been a huge part of my life, and I’ve grown up and learned so much since I began my career here,” Scherry said. “Aim has so many opportunities to grow and advance and it continues to expand all the time.”

“Being promoted gives me the opportunity to grow and push myself to do more,” Scherry added. “I have a great team, Melissa Giglio and John McGraw, who are supporting me and growing with me.”

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