Aim Transportation Solutions’ sales and leadership teams recently flew to the Sunshine State for the company’s eighth annual National Sales Meeting: Drive Success. Held every January, this two-day event celebrates and honors the achievements of the previous year and lays the groundwork for success in the year ahead.

The 2024 National Sales Meeting, held at the Crowne Plaza in beautiful Fort Myers, FL, consisted of a formal awards dinner, a fun and informative vendor fair and an array of meetings, guest speakers and discussions to help carry Aim’s strong momentum into the new year while preparing for the challenges the transportation industry will face in 2024 and beyond. For salespeople who achieved their annual sales goal, an incentive trip chock full of fun and relaxation at the luxurious LaPlaya beachfront resort in Naples, FL, followed.

The meeting kicked off on January 8 with a formal banquet dinner and awards ceremony. Joined by Aim’s platinum award vendor sponsors, this special evening included the presentation of the annual President’s Circle Awards for the members of Aim’s sales team who met or exceeded their annual revenue goals. Recipients included: Alex Marchal, Brian Bair, Candy Paulus, Dan Fleming, Dan Kudulis, Dave Nichols, David Couse, Don Baldacci, Ed Parrott, Gerrie Tipton, Joe Telega, John Matthews, Kerry Langlois, Kevin Dunbar, Mike Chopp, Mike Wall, Rick McNerney, Steve Sawin, Susan Dodson, Tim Hanley, Trisha Mossor and Vinny DiMarco. From Aim Integrated Logistics, Larry Strugalski, Frank DeMain and Mike Gross were recognized by David Gurska, Chief Operating Officer, Aim Integrated Logistics, and Tom Reda, Senior Vice President of Integrated Logistics Business Development. Additionally, Susan Dodson was spotlighted for being 2023’s revenue leader while Kerry Langlois and Steve Sawin were recognized for bringing in the most new customers.

“Every year we face a unique set of difficult challenges in this industry, and yet every year when we get to the National Sales Meeting, we have so much growth and success to celebrate, which is a testament to the unwavering resilience and drive of our sales team and the best-in-class customer service Aim delivers,” said Matt Svancara, COO of Aim Leasing Company. “I consistently express my pride and gratitude for having an exceptional sales team that wholeheartedly embodies the mission of Aim.”

As is tradition, during the dinner Aim President Scott Fleming showed his gratitude for employees who achieved significant years-of-service milestones by calling them to the stage and presenting them with a certificate of achievement. Of special note were Dave Gurska, COO for Aim Integrated Logistics, and John Reed, Aim’s CIO and VP of Technology, who both celebrated their 30-year anniversaries with the company. Reed and Gurska were presented with custom plaques emblazoned with articles covering their amazing and indispensable three decades with Aim.

Aim Integrated Logistics receives plaque commemorating 30 years at Aim Aim CIO & VP of Technology, John Reed, receives plaque commemorating his 30th year with Aim.
First Photo: Aim Integrated Logistics COO, Dave Gurska, receives plaque commemorating his 30th year with the company. Pictured (l-r) are Scott Fleming, Aim President; Dave Gurska; Tom Fleming, Aim Chairman & CEO; and Matt Svancara, COO of Aim Leasing Company. Second Photo: Aim CIO & VP of Technology, John Reed, also receives plaque commemorating his 30th year with Aim.

Scott Fleming also recognized the following milestones:

35 Years

  • Chris Disantis, Executive Vice President of Maintenance

25 Years

  • Jason Olesh, Regional Vice President
  • Scherry May, Maintenance Support Director

15 Years

  • Jessica Deane, Vice President of Marketing
  • Susan Dodson, Business Development Specialist

10 Years

  • Dan Kellgren, Vice President of Software Development
  • Mike Wall, Regional Sales Manager
  • Business Development Manager, Dave Nichols

5 Years

  • Eric Samp, Vice President of Used Trucks

Additionally, Scott Fleming alongside his dad, Tom Fleming, Aim’s founder, CEO & Chairman, honored the extraordinary careers of two pillars of Aim who are retiring with distinction: Terry Dimascio, Executive VP and COO, and Ken Singleton, Senior Analyst. Terry Dimascio is retiring after a more than 40-year legacy of unwavering dedication, hard work and excellence at Aim; Terry has been a foundational part of the company’s success since its founding. Ken Singleton retires after more than 30 years of service to the company, and his devotion to and passion for Aim and its customers will be missed.

First Photo: Retiring Aim Executive VP and COO, Terry Dimascio, is honored with a personalized glass truck commemorating his retirement and legacy with the company. Pictured (l-r): Tom Fleming, Aim Chairman & CEO; Terry Dimascio; Scott Fleming, Aim President; and Matt Svancara, COO of Aim Leasing Company. Second Photo: Aim Senior Analyst, Ken Singleton, is also honored with a personalized glass truck in honor of his retirement and significant contributions to the company.

The Flemings presented Terry and Ken with beautiful, customized glass truck awards commemorating their service and dedication to the company.

Near the end of the evening, NationaLease’s Senior Vice President of National Accounts, Joe Gallick, took the stage to announce that Mike Wall, Aim Regional Sales Manager, earned the distinction of NationaLease’s top salesperson of the year. This is a remarkable distinction as Mike topped every salesperson from the 120 different independent companies that comprise NationaLease.

The next day kicked off the Drive Success meeting sessions. The carefully crafted lineup of presentations and discussions, led by Aim’s leadership team, were tailored to prepare for major industry changes and market trends in the near and distant futures as well as strategizing how to continue to retain and attract new business by leveraging the high level of attentive, customized service Aim has built its brand on.

Sarah Grear, master trainer and coach for the renowned sales training, coaching and consulting company Sales Gravy, flew in to be this year’s guest speaker. She has been leading Aim’s sales team through a top-notch, high-energy virtual sales training for several months, and she added a wealth of knowledge (and fun!) to the meeting.

Guest speaker Sarah Greer talks about sales negotiation style types
Sales Gravy Master Trainer and Coach and special guest speaker, Sarah Greer, talks sales negotiation style types with the Aim sales team.

Capping off the event was the invaluable vendor fair. This is when Aim’s valued vendor partners, whose generous sponsorships make this annual Sales Meeting possible, set up booths in the Crowne Plaza’s ballroom for Aim’s sales and leadership teams to visit and learn about new equipment and technologies, which allow Aim to better customize its offerings specific to each customer’s unique operations.

Adding to the fun of the vendor fair, a highly competitive video game tournament took place. Aim team members and vendor sponsors duked it out in Mario Golf and Mario Kart. Steve Roberts, from Allison Transmission, burned rubber straight to the winner’s circle, taking home the cash prize as well as the Nintendo Switch console for the Mario Kart tournament. And Dan Kudulis, Aim’s Senior Account Executive in Phoenix, AZ, drove and putted his way to golf glory, also taking home a cash prize and a Nintendo Switch.

Each year, Aim's National Sales Meeting concludes with a fun and informative vendor fair, where Aim's valued vendor partners, whose generous sponsorships make the entire event possible, meet with the sales staff to share invaluable product knowledge they can use to better serve Aim's customers.

“This annual event never fails to encapsulate the Aim spirit: plan hard, work hard and have fun doing it,” said Jessica Deane, Aim’s Vice President of Marketing and the event’s organizer. “With that being said, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our entire sales staff because you are why we’re here, and it’s your triumphs, your dedication and your drive that helps set the Aim brand apart.”

“I also want to express my immense appreciation for our valued vendor partners who not only make this event possible but make everything thing Aim achieves possible,” Jessica Deane continued. “And thank you to Tom and Scott Fleming for your full support in this meeting each year and for creating and sustaining a company that’s both an unrivalled transportation solutions provider and career destination.”

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