Aim Transportation Solutions is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with S. Slesnick Company Recycling, further strengthening Aim’s already robust presence in Northeast Ohio, where Aim is headquartered and operated.

Slesnick and Aim recently agreed to an Aim ProShop partnership, a unique service in which Aim will take on the responsibilities—and liability—of Slesnick’s on-site fleet maintenance shop. In return, they will reap the rewards of Aim’s decades’ worth of maintenance experience and vast resource network to streamline the operation and cut costs.

Through four generations and more than 80 years of company history, Slesnick, like Aim, is a family business built on quality service, experience, and honesty. The Canton, OH-based recycling company is one of the region’s leading recyclers, specializing in fiber recycling, which consists mainly of cardboard and various grades of paper. They serve a diverse customer base with a focus on commercial and manufacturing companies, as they typically generate recyclable materials in large volume. Slesnick also recycles various grades of plastic and owns and operates a scrap metal yard which provides beverage destruction in Alliance.

“We’re honored to have earned the chance to provide Slesnick with our one-of-a-kind ProShop offering,” said Geoff Fleming, Aim Co-President. “This will not only free them from the burdens of truck maintenance, but it will also relieve them of all the responsibilities that happen behind the scenes, like hiring, retaining and training diesel mechanics, managing inventory, billing, scheduling and the innumerable details involved in managing an on-site fleet maintenance shop.”

Slesnick also provides roll off and hauling services, which is where Aim comes in. To meet the high demand of this offering, a fleet of 24 trucks and 85 trailers is put to the test. With their unwavering commitment to customer service, Slesnick demands reliability and efficiency from their commercial trucks and trailers. And since Slesnick is a recycling company—not a truck maintenance and repair company—they decided to turn to Aim ProShop, a true all-in-one maintenance solution, to take fleet maintenance off their plate completely.

Pictured (l-r): Robert Anderson, Aim Mechanic; Dan Robinson, Aim Service Manager; and Aharon Kitchen, Aim Mechanic

“When I met with the Slesnick’s awesome leadership team, they were looking for help with maintenance, preventative maintenance and services of that nature,” said Aim Business Development Vincent DiMarco, who was instrumental in orchestrating the deal between Aim and Slesnick. “But since we at Aim take a consultative approach to how we do business—learning the ins and outs of a business’s specific operation and developing customized, value-adding solutions—I found, because of the size and age of their fleet, Aim ProShop would free up a ton of time, money and resources for them, all of which they can pour back into focusing on their customers and core business.”

“Slesnick’s leadership team was looking to get out of maintaining their trucks so they could focus more time and resources on their core business, which, with the scarcity of technicians and the price of parts, tools and diagnostic equipment, is something we’re hearing more and more these days,” said Jeff Manion, Aim’s Vice President of ProShop. “So, we came in and tailored an Aim ProShop program to their exact operation with the ultimate goal of delivering value wherever we could find it.”

Part of what makes ProShop unique is, while Aim manages and streamlines the day-to-days, the customer remains in control. This means Aim is charged with handling the shop’s overall performance; ongoing training, hiring and retaining mechanics; human resource matters; administrative tasks (billing, inventory management, reporting, etc.); and much more, but the customer, ultimately, has final say in all matters.

“Everyone at Aim is thrilled to be working with a company that shares so many parallels with us: family owned, Northeast Ohio based, innovative, trustworthy, loyal and an unwavering customer-first focus—all that combined with decades of exceptional service,” Fleming added. “We look forward to forging a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with Slesnick, and we appreciate the opportunity they’ve given us to further reinforce our strong Midwest presence.”

More about Aim Transportation Solutions

Aim Transportation Solutions is a family-owned and -operated business offering customized fleet services designed to benefit any business that distributes or manufactures products. Whether a company’s need lies in full-service leasing, commercial rentals, dedicated contract carriage, truck maintenance, professional shop management, freight brokerage, or the purchase certified pre-owned vehicles, we will work with you to create a customized fleet solution. We have a proven history of controlling costs, increasing uptime, and driving revenue for our customers through programs tailored to the needs of any fleet.

Aim is headquartered in Ohio, it has over 100 operations and services over 11,000 vehicles throughout the United States with a reach as far west as Utah and as far east as upstate New York. Some of the industries which we’ve had historic success include: manufacturing, food & beverage, steel, and aluminum. However, if a company hauls anything, we have a way to improve its shipping operation.