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Aim Launches Monthly Safe Driving Contest, Sees Major Improvements

Aim Transportation Solutions has built its brand on delivering unparalleled commercial fleet services driven by family-owned and -operated attention and care. At the core of it all is a unified commitment to safety. Aim’s safety-first culture allows us to serve our valued customers dependably, efficiently and, of course, safely, protecting the lives and well-being of everyone representing Aim and all those with whom we come in contact.

For the four-plus decades Aim has been operating, Aim leadership has implemented innovative programs and cutting-edge technologies to support and evolve Aim’s mission of prioritizing safety above all else. One of Aim’s most recent initiatives harnessed the power of in-cab technology to fuel Aim’s Safe Driver of the Month program, a monthly contest prioritizing safe driving.

The contest utilizes Netradyne’s revolutionary dash cams, which analyze and provide feedback on driving behaviors, good and bad. These cameras help to reduce distracted driving and speeding incidents, improve following distance and compliance scores, and even increase driver retention rates.

Over the last year, Ron Bourque, Vice President of Safety at Aim, and his team have been installing these state-of-the-art dash cams in Aim’s nationwide fleet of vehicles with the objective of enhancing the company’s safety-first culture through an individual buy-in on making safety every driver’s number-one priority. The idea here is: The more employees engage with and think about safety, the safer we are as a company.

“When we launched the Safe Driver of the Month program—that is, really engaging with our drivers, getting them to look at and care about their performance—it was like flipping a switch,” Bourque said. “Every safety metric we measure—whether that’s stop-sign compliance, following distance or even driver retention— improved dramatically and instantly.”

In this video, Aim's Director of Safety, Ron Bourque, gives a quick rundown of the Safe Driver of the Month Contest.

The key part of Aim’s Safe Driver of the Month contest is the transparency Netradyne’s system provides through actionable data. These cameras capture the full scope of a driver’s journey. Aim’s Safety Department can see what’s going on every second of every mile, analyzing risk from the first second the tires start rolling to the moment they stop. They’re able to track that driving behavior—positive and negative—on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and compare those behaviors over time.

For Aim’s Safe Driver of the Month Contest, Netradyne’s dash cams feed the raw data from the road into an easily digestible points system. Drivers can monitor their scores and can take actions to increase their scores—almost like a video game—and even earn DriverStars for streaks of proactive safe driving. Drivers increase their scores by consistently practicing safe driving behaviors, things like not speeding, having no hard-braking incidents and maintaining sufficient following distance.

Netradyne's cutting-edge in-cab camera captures the full picture of a driver's journey from start to finish.

At the end of each month, the driver with the highest score is declared the champion, and he or she receives a prize and a hat emblazoned with the Aim logo and the month and year of their victory.

One of the most valuable aspects of Netradyne’s camera system is drivers also have complete visibility of their own performance through a smartphone app connected to their in-cab camera. This allows them, on their own accord, to review their performance and correct any unsafe behaviors or continue and build upon whatever it is they’re excelling at.

In this video, Aim driver Doug Jones discusses his first-hand experience with the Netradyne system.

“Safety is baked into the DNA of our company, which is why we make it a top priority to invest in new technologies, ongoing training and support (for our employees and even our full-service lease customers) and developing innovative initiatives like the Safe Driver of the Month Contest,” said Dave Gurska, COO of Aim Integrated Logistics. “And to have programs like this monthly contest, one that urges our drivers to truly invest in and be conscious of the safe operation of their equipment is invaluable.”

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