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MLCo Trusts Its Dedicated Fleet Through Aim

What underpins the years-long partnership between Aim and Michael Lewis Company (MLCo)? One word: Family.

Both companies are privately held and family owned, which, as Adam Kunz, manager at MLCo, suggests, forms a unique bond, one built on trust. “That family connection is very important to us,” he said, “something we hang our hats on.”

Beginning as a small bindery business close to a century ago, MLCo has steadily grown into a distinguished global warehousing and logistics provider for the airline industry, and it relies on a dedicated fleet through Aim’s Integrated Logistics division to help carry out many of its day-to-day operations in the northeast region of the U.S.

Aim Integrated Logistics, at its most basic, provides businesses supply chain relief through reliable, efficient trucks and highly skilled, career professional drivers, bringing with it a ton of added value through safety, technology, additional services and flexibility. That flexibility, especially when it comes to tackling any logistical roadblocks that inevitably pop up, is a major reason why Kunz and MLCo value having a dedicated fleet through Aim to help them distribute airline supplies to their clients.

“We go with an Integrated model because it provides a higher level of service than going through a traditional 3PL,” said Kunz, “and we believe it gives us a little bit more control of our own supply chain outside of our own buildings. Aim also has a network of drivers all over the Northeast, and they’re able to leverage that to come up with creative solutions to problems when they happen.”

MLCo’s airline customers, by nature, operate in a challenging, fast-paced, deadline-driven landscape, and meeting their demands is the Chicago-based company’s number-one focus. To do so requires fluid solutions, bending and evolving with their clients’ needs. Aim shares this same focus, which also requires a high degree of quick thinking and innovation.

Aim’s customers’ satisfaction is most often measured by their customers’ satisfaction. In that sense, transportation challenges faced by Aim’s valued customers are Aim’s challenges to solve, which means Aim commits itself to delivering exceptional, efficient and ever-evolving service that companies like MLCo can not only depend on but be proud of as well.

Aim Director of Marketing, Jessica Deane, talks with Michael Lewis Company's Adam Kunz about the two companies' years-long partnership.

“Aim is a very reliable partner of ours, and Aim provides a certain level of service to our customers that our customers have come to expect,” said Kunz. “So having that partner to lean on gives us the stability we need and the execution that our customers have become accustomed to is very valuable to us.”

If you’re interested in hearing how a dedicated fleet with Aim Integrated Logistics can benefit your company the way it does for Michael Lewis Company, please reach out to us at or 330-269-5329.

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