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Aim Region VP Mike Wall Earns Prestigious Gene Scoggins Award

Palm trees, turquoise water and a 2023 sales performance that shined as bright as the sun over Aruba, Mike Wall, who was recently promoted to Regional Vice President of Sales, was presented with the Gene Scoggins Award at the Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort, the tropical paradise where NationaLease’s annual Masters Club event was held this year. The prestigious Gene Scoggins honor is awarded each year to the top sales performer by a NationaLease member.

Masters Club is an esteemed, highly sought-after designation. It’s a sales honor reserved only for the best of the best among the entire NationaLease organization. To put that into perspective: Including Aim, there are 120 independent businesses—each with their own teams of sales professionals—operating under the NationaLease banner. That’s a lot of competition, and given the high caliber of experts who make up that nationwide sales force, the competition is fierce.

Said another way: To be inducted into the Masters Club is a career-defining achievement. However, to be the best among them all is in a whole other stratosphere.

“Every year, the Masters Club event celebrates the achievements of our top-performing sales professionals," stated Joe Gallick, Senior Vice President of Sales for NationaLease. “Understanding the daily challenges they encounter in such a fiercely competitive business landscape, it's truly the pinnacle of my year to honor them with these esteemed awards.”

Mike Wall with his family at the Masters Club award ceremony.
Aim Regional Vice President Mike Wall (right) poses with his wife, Shari, and his son, Michael, at NationaLease's Masters Club awards ceremony in Aruba.

Master’s Club qualification is based on a points system. Points are awarded for every successful deal and points vary based on the partnership being formed (such as full-service truck leasing or truck maintenance). To qualify, a salesperson needs 400 points. In 2023, Mike Wall had a staggering 1,100 points, the most out of all the salespeople in the NationaLease affiliates.

“We're not just celebrating your tenure and promotion; we're celebrating your exceptional achievement – being awarded the Nationalease Salesperson of the Year,” Matt Svancara, Chief Operating Officer of Aim Leasing Company, said on stage at the award ceremony in Aruba. “This prestigious accolade is a reflection of your outstanding performance, innovative approaches and the undeniable impact you've made in our industry.”

“Mike, your nickname, ‘Legend,’ is not just a title,” Matt continued. “It's a testament to the legendary service you've provided to our company, your clients and your colleagues. Your professionalism, integrity and passion for what you do set a benchmark for all of us to aspire to.”

“I’m truly honored to be awarded by NationaLease for this great honor, especially when you consider the talent and tenure amongst all the salespeople within the organization,” Mike Wall said, “and I’m blessed to work with all the fine people at Aim.”

Mike ‘The Legend’ Wall attributes his success to “being an active listener and getting creative with solutions,” a hallmark of Aim’s consultative approach to doing business. “I make sure I’m talking to the right person and work hard to understand the customers business, listening to exactly what they need and want out of their operation,” Mike continued. “I use all available resources to ensure the customer is getting the right equipment or solution to enhance and streamline their operation, and I make sure I’m a resource to the customer—bringing new ideas and creative solutions to the table.”

One of those creative, resource-driven solutions Mike tailored last year was for an Aim full-service leasing customer in Denver, CO. After surveying their situation, Mike initially thought Aim Integrated Logistics’ dedicated fleet service—where Aim provides trucks and drivers supported by a full staff of operational, logistics and safety experts—would be a valuable solution for their operation.

However, rather than force a square peg into a round hole, Mike, after further analysis and discussions, discovered their real need was more in line with Aim Integrated Logistics 3PL freight brokerage service, which includes FTL, LTL and expedited solutions. Mike teamed up with Aim Integrated Logistics Vice President of Operations, Brandon Steib, and Aim Integrated Logistics Business Development Specialist, Mike Gross, to iron out a streamlined solution for supplementing the customer’s shipping operation with Aim’s fast-growing freight brokerage division.

How did it work out? Well, this company is on its way to becoming one of Aim’s largest 3PL customers.

“Each opportunity has its own unique challenges including what the competition is offering,” Mike Wall said. “The biggest challenge of the last few years has been helping customers understand the sticker shock that has accompanied a turbulent economy—such as the big increases in the cost of equipment, higher interest rates and the rising cost of maintenance and parts—but, again, by positioning myself as a resource—rather than just a salesperson—for the customer has allowed me to show the true value of what I and an Aim can do to enhance their operation and their business overall.”

Mike Wall’s consultative approach to business was certainly a key component of his remarkable performance year after year and, of course, him earning NationaLease’s Gene Scoggins award. However, it must be said that this was also the result of a ton of hard work, reltentless determination and deep passion for his work.

“Mike, your journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the rewards of unwavering dedication,” Matt Svancara added on stage in Aruba. “You've proven that with passion, grit, and a drive to succeed, anything is possible.”

“So, on behalf of everyone at Aim Transportation Solutions, I congratulate you, Mike, ‘The Legend,’ on this well-deserved honor,” Matt concluded. “May your future be as bright as your past achievements, and may you continue to inspire us all with your remarkable leadership and dedication.”

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