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Mary Zigarevich Promoted to Software Project and Quality Assurance Manager

Aim Transportation Solutions is extremely excited to announce the promotion of Mary Zigarevich to Software Project and Quality Assurance Manager. Mary started at Aim nine years ago in Quality Assurance, and she was promoted to Quality Assurance Manager, where she flourished, delivering value to Aim and its customers. 

Mary’s role within Aim is a hybrid of software project management and quality assurance management. For Aim’s development department, she is responsible for making sure all of the custom-coded software is properly tested and vetted before Aim releases it to users or customers. Mary plays a crucial role in verifying that Aim software products are of the highest quality, easy to use, and valuable.

As a project manager, Mary oversees the development of tools that will drive value to Aim’s customers. That includes beginning with information gathering and design, communicating the intent and goals with the development team, and moving through to testing and release of the product. Mary also helps to ensure Aim’s software development team delivers a best-in-class product while adhering to the timeline of the customer. 

“Having effective project management is critical for successfully developed software solutions and Mary was an obvious choice to fill this role,” said Dan Kellgren, Vice President of Software Development. “She started nine years ago in QA and soon became the QA Manager, where she has done a phenomenal job.” 

“Mary is the type of employee who will fully engage in her work and in the projects that she gets involved with,” Dan continued. “She has a great vision to see the bigger picture of how even the smallest things fit into our larger workflows.  It’s a natural progression for her to take on the PM role.  Our development team only stands to get stronger with Mary leading some of our largest projects.”

Mary would tell anyone looking for a job with Aim that “Aim is a great company to work for. My advice is to learn as much as you can, even outside of your department. The more you know about every piece of the puzzle in this industry, the happier and more successful you will be.” 

“Since joining Aim, I’ve learned just how important the transportation industry is,” Mary continued. “What we do every day is more than just hauling freight. We ensure that people all over the United States are supplied with the things they need: food, medical supplies, clothing, building materials, etc. Being a part of that system in any capacity is rewarding because I know we make a real difference.”

“My favorite part about working at Aim is that I enjoy the work that I do, but mostly I love the people. Each day I work with kind, capable, and dedicated individuals,” Mary added. 

“This promotion shows me that Aim’s leadership has noticed my hard work and values my contribution to this company. I’ve been given the responsibility and the opportunity to take our products and service to the next level, and I couldn’t be more excited,” Mary concluded. 

In Mary’s free time, she likes to spend time with her husband and their three adorable dogs. She also enjoys weightlifting and Zumba. 

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