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Justin Torgerson Named Service Manager

Since joining Aim Transportation Solutions, Justin Torgerson has proven to be an elite diesel technician, and so it is with great pleasure we announce his well-deserved promotion to service manager. 

Justin began his career with Aim in 2008 as a diesel mechanic. From there, he entered Aim’s apprenticeship program and was promoted to working foreman in March of 2021. 

“I grew up working on cars and trucks as a child with my father,” Justin said when asked why he decided to become a diesel mechanic. “I always wanted to go into something like being a diesel mechanic. I have always liked working with heavy machinery.” 

“Justin’s promotion to Service Manager is a great example of success and accomplishments brought by hard work, dedication, and pursuit of goals. He embarked on his heavy-duty diesel career as an apprentice in Buffalo, NY, and sought to learn and grow at every turn,” said Regional Maintenance Director, Buzz Ryder. 

Justin loves working at Aim because of the family atmosphere. 

“It’s a large company with a small-town feel,” said Justin. “You can talk to anyone about what is going on and everyone does their best to fix the problem.”

“This promotion is a combination of all of my dedication and hard work paying off,” Justin said.  “Starting as an apprentice, I knew back then that I wanted to continue to progress my professional skills and one day become a service manager. It’s pretty cool to see that happen,” said Justin. 

“Since promoting Justin to service manager in January, he has swiftly adapted to leading, and the results shine through the entire team, said Buzz Ryder. “He is leading his team to reach their full potential through challenging them and  encouraging them to challenge themselves, just as he did for over 10 years as a mechanic.”

Justin said his day-to-day in his new role is never the same. He manages the maintenance team’s operations, does scheduling, interacts with customers, and works hard to get trucks back into service, keeping trucks were they belong: - on the road. 

“Justin is continuing to forge strong customer partnerships,” said Ryder. “Our customers equally recognize his exceptional contribution at Gainesville. A Google review detailing Justin’s leadership stated, All the staff is absolutely amazing, from mechanics to managers just the best to deal with, solves problems quickly and without delay.” 

When asked what advice he would give to someone looking to start a career with Aim, Justin said: "Absolutely take every opportunity given to you. Use the training they offer you to your advantage. Take full advantage of furthering your career with Aim at any opportunity given."

In Justin’s free time, he spends time with his family and likes to go hiking. 

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