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Joseph Hodges Named Mobile Applications Engineer

Aim Transportation Solutions is excited to announce the promotion of Joseph Hodges to Mobile Applications Engineer. Joseph started with Aim in 2013, as a Junior Engineer, and every day since he has proven how vital he is to Aim’s MIS team and Aim’s overall mission. 

In Joe’s new position, the major focus will be leading the development of the Aim Navigator iOS app, as well as training and overseeing any junior iOS developers brought onto the project. It will be his responsibilities to suggest and oversee any new technologies brought into the iOS app and keeping the iOS Aim Navigator app up to date with the latest technologies Apple brings to the platform. 

“Along with this new responsibility, I will also continue to rotate between various technologies, applications, and problem spaces at Aim,” Joe said.

“This has allowed me over my time at Aim to not only add value to legacy areas of the company but also work on cutting-edge technology to solve complex business problems,” Joe said. “I pride myself on mentorship and clear communication with those around me and enjoy those I work with.”

“Aim provides an environment where everyone has a voice and a high level of autonomy. There is a standard of transparency that allows for a clear picture of company goals and initiatives. Aim has also proven through the years that they care about us as people, not just as employees. There is a lot of flexibility which allows for a healthy work-life balance,” said Joe. 

“Given Joe's authentic enthusiasm for Apple products, it was a logical choice for him to engage in iPhone development for our team,” said Software Security Architect, Freddy Solis.  “He is dedicated to creating an application that aligns seamlessly with Apple's standards. Joe's attention to detail, preparation,  and adept problem-solving abilities will be valuable assets for all forthcoming iPhone development endeavors.”

“I am a tech enthusiast with a passion for delivering unique solutions. I am constantly tinkering with the latest hardware and software to stay informed and modern in an event-changing field,” said Joe. 

When asked what advice Joe would give someone looking to start a career with Aim, Joe said: “You will work in a challenging yet rewarding business. There is a lot of room for growth, and over the years I have become a confident leader in the software engineering field. This is due to Aim’s dedication to continued learning and cross-training.” 

“Since joining Aim, I have learned that just because we are located in a smaller area, we can still come up with big solutions that fit the needs of a lot of customers,” said Joe. 

“I have found a place where I can work with people who feel like my family away from my family. The team events and team building events help to engrain the idea that Aim is a family and not just a business.” 

“Professionally, I have grown by leaps and bounds through my tenure at Aim,” Joe continued. “When I joined, I was a junior engineer looking for a chance to prove myself. In the ten years here, I have been given countless opportunities to develop myself as a profession and as an engineer.”

“This promotion means a lot to me. It shows the recognition that those I look up to and work for can see my growth, hard work, and ability. It is something I can tell my kids about and show them that their father has become an expert in his line of work,” said Joe.

In Joseph’s free time, he likes to spend time with his children. They love to go hiking, tinker with technology, and stay busy with athletics. He also enjoys helping those around him and taking care of his parents. 

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