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Hensley Beverage Co Benefits from Aim ProShop

Ten years of business partnership is a message unto itself. It’s one that demonstrates value, satisfaction and an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship. On that, Aim Transportation Solutions recently hit a landmark 10-year anniversary with one of many of its long-term customers: Hensley Beverage Company. Starting in 2010, Hensley has been benefitting from Aim’s ProShop service, a unique offering in which Aim assumes the responsibilities (and liability) of a business’s on-site fleet maintenance shop, and, in turn, the customer receives all the benefits of Aim’s decades of maintenance experience as well as its vast cost-cutting resource network.

Since 1955, Hensley Beverage Company has been bringing ice cold beer to thirsty Phoenix, AZ, residents. The family-owned and -operated beverage distributor—the nation’s largest of its kind—began with just 15 employees and has since exploded into an operation with more than 1,100 employees delivering refreshments (including 2,500 different beers, craft brews, fine wines, premium spirits and delicious non-alcoholic beverages) all across Arizona.

Hensley Beverage Company’s day-to-day operation depends heavily on having a safe, reliable and efficient fleet, which boasts an ever-increasing 1,500-plus pieces of equipment, to deliver refreshing beverages under the scorching Arizona sun. A huge part of making that happen hinges around maintenance and repairs.

There was a time when Hensley had a team of around 10 to 12 full-time mechanics. Then, just two of those mechanics were ASE certified, which meant the rest could perform only basic repairs. This forced the company to send most major repairs to outside vendors, which was quite costly.

As the renowned beverage company continued to expand, adding more and more equipment across new territories, it began to look at its maintenance division for ways to cut costs and position itself to perform more maintenance and repairs in-house.

Pictured (l-r): Chris Yarrington, Hensley Director of Administration; Williams; Keffer; John Casey, Aim Service Manager; and Paul Lueders, Hensley VP of Operations.
“We heard about Aim ProShop through our garage manager, who introduced us to Aim’s rep Mike Williams,” said Hensley Beverage Company Vice President of Fleet and Facilities, Tony Keffer. “Mr. Williams, through his in-depth presentation and analysis, showed what Aim could offer and save us through Aim’s national purchasing of parts and improved technical and mechanical experience with the new and current mechanics.”

Aim Director of Marketing, Jessica Deane, talks with Hensley Beverage Company VP of Fleet an Facilities, Tony Keffer, to discuss how Aim's ProShop service has helped them streamline their truck maintenance and allowed them to focus more on taking care of their customers.

Part of what makes ProShop so unique is, while Aim manages the day-to-days, the customer remains in control. This means Aim is charged with handling the shop’s overall performance; ongoing training, hiring and retaining mechanics; human resource matters; administrative tasks (billing, inventory management, etc.); and so much more, but the customer, ultimately, has final say in all matters.

“Through Aim’s efficiencies, cost-savings and training of your maintenance team, Aim has the means and know-how on running a shop and do it professionally,” said Keffer. “In the end, Hensley knows how to sell our portfolio of brands, and Aim knows how to maintain our equipment.

It’s been a good partnership over the last 10 years, and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for the Hensley and Aim team.”

If you’re interested in hearing how your fleet maintenance operation can benefit from Aim ProShop the way Hensley Beverage Company does, reach out to us at or 330-269-5329.

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