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Freddy Solis Promoted to Software Security Architect

Please join us in congratulating Freddy Solis on his promotion to Software Security Architect. Freddy started his career with Aim Transportation Solutions in 2014 as a Programmer Analyst. Shortly after, he was promoted to Software Development Team Lead, a position he held until his latest promotion to Software Security Architect. 

“As Aim’s in-house developed software options continue to expand, there is an ever-growing need to focus on software cyber security,” said Vice President of Software Development, Dan Kellgren. “To continue to maintain a high level of security, Aim has created a new position within its software development group. Freddy will be heading up our software security efforts.”

Some of those in-house software options include: Aim WebPortal, a tool that supports various employee functions from vacation submission to shop safety inspections. Aim’s WebPortal also has many customer tools from performance dashboards to detailed load tracking; Aim Navigator, a mobile app that provides load tracking, drive vehicle inspection report submissions and more; and Sales Gold, Aim’s internal customer relationship management tool. 

“A lot of what I do now is based on development and this new role will allow me to strengthen our existing security structures,” said Solis. “As the Software Security Architect, I will be able to look even deeper into our security efforts to ensure the highest levels possible.” 

Solis graduated from Youngstown State University with both his Undergraduate in Web and Digital Imaging and Master’s Degree in Computing and Information Systems. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Cyber Operations. 

“Working at Aim has given me a better understanding of the business and has allowed me to collaborate in a team development environment. Aim has also taught me to strive to be better,” said Solis discussing his own personal and professional growth at Aim. 

“He has served as the lead engineer of our web and mobile-based software platforms and has done a remarkable job helping to build the internal team and infrastructure to support these offerings,” said Kellgren. “Freddy will continue to be involved in the direction of the software products and will work directly with the development team to ensure the highest levels of modern security are followed.”

What does Aim mean as an organization to its newest Software Security Architect? “I feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to learn and help develop systems in both mobile and web, and to also be given the time and patience to get those systems up and running,” he said. 

In his free time, Freddy likes to weight train, work on his Ph.D., and spends time digging into security and learning more. 

 “I would like to express appreciation to Dan Kellgren, John Reed, and the Fleming family for the opportunity to grow and thrive in my career with Aim,” he concluded. 

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