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Aim's Dan Fleming Advocates for Industry as TRALA, VTA Board Member

Headshot of Aim Vice President of Sales Operations, Dan FlemingIn the ever-changing transportation industry, leaders within it play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape and fostering growth. Dan Fleming, the Vice President of Sales Operations at Aim Transportation Solutions, is one such leader. Beyond his role within the Aim, Fleming stands out as an active board member of key associations that contribute significantly to the industry's development—specifically, the Truck Rental and Leasing Association (TRALA) and the Virginia Trucking Association (VTA).

TRALA serves as a unified voice for companies engaged in leasing and renting trucks, as well as providing crucial services and support for its members. The VTA functions as the primary advocate for the trucking industry in Virginia, working to address legislative and regulatory challenges, promoting safety and providing a platform for networking and knowledge-sharing among its members.

Dan Fleming's dedication to both organizations, and recent elections to both boards, showcases his commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends, fostering collaboration within the transportation industry and advocating on behalf of the interests of Aim, its valued customers and the industry at large. It also demonstrates his unique expertise and thorough understanding of the commercial transportation industry inside and out.

Dan’s involvement in TRALA and the VTA began at the intersection of education and politics. More specifically, Dan moved to Washington D.C. in the early ‘90s to attend Georgetown University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. Attending school in D.C., being the political hub it is, sparked a greater interest in politics for Dan—specifically the crossroads of politics and business. Deepening his political interests was his time at George Washington University earning his MBA, which had a political aspect baked into the program.

More directly, Dan got involved with TRALA as an intern while he was wrapping up his economics degree. After graduating, he took a full-time position as a lobbyist at TRALA, where he worked for five years and another five indirectly after. Then, after earning his MBA, Dan jumped directly into leasing.

Dan’s time with TRALA wasn’t only valuable in the sense it helped prepare him to start his own leasing company. For him, it also further incited his passion for the political side of the industry, going as far as testifying before congress and lobbying at state and federal levels.

While with TRALA, he worked closely with the VTA on several tax issues benefiting the industry, which fostered Dan’s close relationship with the organization leading to Aim joining the VTA in 2004 and, of course, Dan being elected to the board.

“I find the representation of the industry in Richmond, VA, extremely valuable,” said Dan Fleming. “The relationships the VTA has allowed us to build in the DMV [D.C., Maryland and Virginia] in particular has streamlined our licensing and tax processes, which benefits us and the businesses we serve.”

One of Aim Transportation Solutions’ biggest differentiators is the added value that accompanies each service Aim provides. While much of that value is obvious and immediate (such as saving time, money and resources), Aim works hard creating value behind the scenes, and Dan Fleming serving on TRALA’s and VTA’s respective boards is indicative of his—and Aim’s—passion for doing what’s best for customers and anyone who operates in this space.

“One of my main goals as a board member for TRALA and VTA is to help Aim gain greater industry and market recognition, both at the federal and state level and also help the industry through educating elected officials about the unique operating characteristics of leasing companies,” Dan said. “Over the years we have found politicians lumping truck leasing in with either car leases or car rentals, which leads to bad public policy for our industry and hampers our ability to help small businesses grow and prosper.”

Dan serving on these boards and Aim’s membership in both organizations helps leverage the collective wisdom and experience of industry peers, allowing Aim to better navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities and maintain its position as a leader in the transportation solutions space.

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