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Columbus Vegetable Oils Values Full-Service Lease

In 2013, Columbus Vegetable Oils made a business decision the company’s general manager, John Healy, would classify as one marked by peace of mind and reliability: signing a full-service leasing contract with Aim.

“It’s a win-win,” Healy said. “They give me so much ease-of-mind that I know they’re watching my trucks, and I don’t have to worry about it.”

Healy goes on to mention the added value like scheduled maintenance, shop proximity and the overall dependability, like that of his salesmen, Aim Senior Account Executive John Matthews.

“If I need something, they’re right on it,” Healy said.

The Chicago-headquartered company, is a family business, like Aim. With humble beginnings dating back to 1938, its rich, tenured history is a direct reflection of their dedication to consistently delivering high-quality fats, oils and dressings to grocery store chains, food service distributors and manufacturers. For distribution, they run on a fleet of around 20 trucks in the Chicagoland area, all maintained under full-service lease with Aim.

Columbus Vegetable Oils General Manager, John Healy

When Mr. Healy talks about not having to worry about his equipment, that’s one of the often overlooked—but no less important—perks of leasing. That is, companies don’t have to spend as much time, money and resources taking care of their fleets. As a result, they can pour that extra effort into their core business. This is something Columbus Vegetable Oils, as a go-to distributor in the food-service industry, has taken advantage of.

Even amidst the pandemic, which has left has left many industries in tatters, the folks at Columbus Vegetable Oils have seen a considerable uptick in business among their food manufacturing and retail customers, triggering them to outpace their 2019 business levels. Being able to focus more on their core business and less on managing their fleet has gone a long way in helping them stay in step with surging demand while maintaining the high level of customer service their clients have come to expect.

Just like Columbus Vegetable Oils, so much of what sets Aim apart from its competitors is being able to provide that personalized family-owned attention and care to each and every customer without ever sacrificing service or capability. If you think you and your business could benefit from the added value and peace of mind of a full-service lease with Aim, reach out to us at or 330-269-5329.

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