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Akron Hauler Turns to Aim ProShop

Aim has taken on the maintenance responsibilities for an additional 100 tractors and 225 trailers, thanks to a new Aim ProShop agreement with General Transport Inc., a family-owned transportation and logistics company based in Akron, Ohio.

For those unfamiliar with Aim ProShop, it is our unique and unparalleled professional shop management service. More specifically, we work in tandem with a company's on-site maintenance operation to deliver our decades of shop management experience, knowledge, resources and discounted parts purchasing power. Businesses reap these benefits while simultaneously freeing them to focus more on their core competencies. It's a true win-win partnership.

Jason Olesh (right), vice president of business development at Aim, and Rob Jevnikar, director of logistics at General Transport, meet to discuss their new partnership.

Robert Jevnikar, director of logistics at General Transport, said Aim was selected to help ensure the highest levels of customer service, asset management and fiscal responsibility when it comes to our maintenance spend.

“Providing customers with well maintained, reliable and safe equipment has always been our company’s highest priority,” he added. “We’re looking forward to a fruitful partnership.”

Jason Olesh, vice president of business development at Aim, said modern diagnostic and repair equipment and ongoing technician training are additional benefits of the arrangement.

“While we pride ourselves on offering high-value products and services, in this case, what we could provide and have readily available from an information standpoint is what really sealed the deal,” Jason said.

“Aim will train General Transport’s mechanics with the next level of technology involved with maintaining trucks, provide stronger reporting tools and functionality and help to highlight efficiencies across the business.”

Pictured (l-r) are Cody Kosa, technician; Brian Towne, technician; Tracy Starling, service manager; Russ Alderman, technician; and Ken Singleton, senior analyst.

Jim Jacobelli, Aim regional service manager, who is leading the operations side of the new arrangement, said the partnership is off to a great start and he anticipates growth.

“The Aim ProShop division has grown year-over-year, due to our commitment to providing outstanding fleet maintenance options,” said Jim. “General Transport is a great customer with history and strong relationships in the area. We are excited to build upon our strengths and accomplish great things together.”

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