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Aim, Wincore Align with Unified Goal: The Customer

The success of Wincore, a manufacturer of best-in-class windows and doors, is borne out of a single, indispensable vision: create great, long-lasting customer relationships by creating great, long-lasting products. In that, Wincore and Aim, while committed to different industries, share an identical customer-first focus. It’s this united allegiance to the customer that drove Wincore to entrust Aim with its reputation.

“I started talking to Tom [Reda, Aim Integrated Logistics VP of Business Development], and his core values on customer service is what sold me,” said Wincore Director of Customer Service & Inside Sales, Lorie Rothery. “Right off the bat I knew that this is a partner for Wincore—he has the same customer values that we do.”

Wincore started in 2007, just one year before the U.S. would slide into a devastating economic recession. However, according to John Miller, Wincore’s Director of National Sales, the newly formed window and door company simply “chose not to participate in the recession.” In fact, being a newly formed business played to their advantage. They, for instance, weren’t forced to make the cutbacks many other companies were making, which positioned them for growth. And grow they did.

In the early years of the company, Wincore relied on multiple carriers to deliver their high-quality products. As Dave Meeks, Wincore’s Director of Logistics, astutely highlighted, bringing in a dedicated fleet provider just as a business is getting its legs under it doesn’t make sense. However, as a company continues to expand—its catalogue of customers continuously growing—the opportunity to bring in a dedicated fleet (also known as dedicated contract carriage) to enhance, optimize and compliment an operation becomes increasingly valuable. Through unwavering devotion to superior products and customer service, Wincore would eventually hit that point. That’s when they turned to Aim Integrated Logistics.

Aim Integrated Logistics, a premium dedicated fleet service, provides more than just efficient, fully-maintained trucks and safe, professional drivers. It adds peace of mind and value at every bend by handling all of your transportation needs from top to bottom. No matter the internal or external variables your company faces—like unpredictable changes in the economy, new or changing regulations, seasonal shifts in business, pandemics, etc.—dedicated contract carriage through Aim gives you instant adaptability for whatever comes your way, giving you a leg up on the competition. Basically: you focus on your core business while Aim focuses on the road.


Aim Director of Marketing Jessica Deane speaks with representatives at Wincore about the history of Wincore, what led them to partner with Aim and what it has been like having Aim has their dedicated fleet provider.

There’s no greater case study for the flexibility and dependability of a dedicated fleet than the COVID-19 crisis. For Wincore—and everyone else—navigating the churning waters of a pandemic meant a lot of trial and error. However, Aim Integrated Logistics provided something missing from a lot of businesses: reliability and consistency.

While many industries suffered a slowdown, Wincore didn’t. The folks there remained busy throughout the pandemic; so busy, in fact, that they reluctantly had to adjust their lead times (as did the industry as a whole). Because of this, and the nature of their industry, giving their customers a commitment and sticking to it became paramount.

Pictured (l-r): Aim Operations Manager Keith Murphy, Aim-Wincore Driver Betty Jo Tudor, Wincore Director of Customer Services & Inside Sales Lorie Rothery, and Wincore Director of Logistics Dave Meeks

“We found out one of the most important things for our customers through this is our truck sequence, and what that means is that our trucks get out of here on time and deliver on time,” Rothery said. “Our largest customer is a dealer, so if we promise them that we’re going to be there on a Tuesday, we have to be there on a Tuesday because they have other deliveries coming the other four days of the week.”

Aim Integrated Logistics was, and continues to be, instrumental in helping Wincore keep their promises. And, as Miller points out, it went beyond that: A key benefit was “the stability that Aim provided in giving our customer the same face every week and building the trust with that driver to deliver accurately, on time and with communication prior to them just showing up.”

“We used Aim for key customers, our largest dealers, our biggest customers, our heavy-hitters,” Miller added. “So that was the type of trust we’ve built with Tom [Reda] and his team.”

Another example of the dependability Aim has delivered to Wincore and its valued customers was recounted by Dave Meeks. He recalled that prior to the partnership with Aim, Wincore struggled to find a carrier able to consistently deliver to a particular customer who required weekly deliveries every Friday at 8 a.m. No matter what carrier Meeks put on the account, they couldn’t hit the target. Then Aim was put on the case. That first week, Aim Operations Manager Keith Murphy was put to the test, and it was a bullseye. Fast forward to today, and this particular Wincore customer doesn’t want anyone but Aim and that driver delivering to them.

“That’s just one example, and that’s what Aim brings to the table,” Meeks said.

On the topic of how far Wincore sees itself growing with Aim, Meeks added: “There’s no limit.”

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