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Aim Techs Take First Step toward the Title of ‘Top Tech'

NationaLease Tech Challenge logo.NationaLease’s 14th annual Tech Challenge is underway! This multi-round competition tests the mechanical prowess of hundreds of diesel technicians to determine who’s worth of the title of Top Tech.

Aim Transportation Solutions is proud to share that two of our expert techs placed first in two of the nine competing regions for the written exam, their first steps in becoming the Top Tech.

Those winners are:

  • John Norwood – Phoenix, AZ (previous regional winner, previous TMCSuperTech competitor and former Aim apprentice)
  • Scott Bosnyak – Manassas, VA (former Aim apprentice)

John and Scott will travel to Denver, CO, in May to participate in the hands-on competition at NationaLease’s Maintenance Manager’s Meeting.

“Congratulations to Mr. Norwood, who is no stranger to this competition, and Scott, who does a great job as our working foreman at our Manassas shop,” said Chris Disantis, Aim’s Executive Vice President of Maintenance, Chris Disantis. “These two not only exemplify the unparalleled level of maintenance service Aim provides to our customers, but with both being former Aim apprentices, they illustrate the true value and power of Aim’s technician apprenticeship program.”

Aim Transportation is a top choice for truck maintenance. Aim’s commitment to excellence is unmatched, evident in their highly trained and experienced technicians, like John and Scott. Aim’s army of diesel mechanics are equipped with the latest technology and diagnostic tools, enabling them to identify and address issues quickly and accurately, maximizing fleet uptime for Aim’s full-service lease and maintenance customers.

Additionally, Aim’s proactive approach to maintenance helps prevent costly breakdowns, saving customers time, money and resources. Lastly, Aim's dedication to customer service ensures they get personalized solutions and reliable support whenever and wherever it's needed.

Find out more by visiting our maintenance page.

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