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Aim Soars in Record-Breaking Sales and Rental Year

This year has moved at break-neck speed, and perhaps no group knows this better than the talented men and women who make up the Aim sales and rental staffs.

Early 2021 erupted in a flood of full-service lease truck deals, maintenance agreements, truck rentals, dedicated fleet contracts and demand for the rest of Aim’s complete menu of transportation services. In fact, businesses clamoring for Aim’s trusted family-owned and -operated brand of fleet solutions have been so great that Aim is in the midst of a record-setting sales year.

“One of the major factors behind this sharp increase in business is, up until around March of this year, decisionmakers were sitting on their capital rather than investing it due to the uncertainty of the economy,” said Matt Svancara, Aim’s executive vice president of sales and marketing. “Then, when shutdowns and restrictions began to lift, everyone went full-throttle, and thanks to the great relationships we have with our customers as well as the flexibility, dependability and personalized care that the Aim brand carries, we were primed and ready to cast a net and deliver the equipment and services businesses were, and still are, demanding.”

Pictured (l-r): EVP of Sales & Marketing and Masters Club Hall of Famer, Matt Svancara; Director of Rental, Josh Lombardo; and Sales Manager and multi-time Platinum Masters Club Honoree, Mike Wall.

No company is immune to the rise and falls of the economy, and that made 2020 look a lot different than 2021. However, Aim benefits from serving a vital industry. Despite what’s happening across the greater landscape of the country—be it a pandemic or recession—goods and services must be delivered, and for half a century, Aim has been there to help fulfill that need no matter the circumstances.

During the pandemic, Aim adapted. It targeted businesses in high-demand sectors while coming up with innovative short-term solutions for businesses most impacted by the volatility of the market. While the leadership team at Aim was confident all sectors of the economy would bounce back, no one quite predicted Aim was on the edge of a historic highpoint.

“I’m fortunate to lead a team who not only care deeply about the job they do but wake up every day hungry for success,” Svancara added. “Their resolve and innovative approach to business during the pandemic was admirable, and, despite the market becoming more favorable, they’ve carried on that same grit and determination to make this the best sales year in our company’s history.”

Aim is nearing 200% of the company’s Sales goal for 2021, and eight salespeople have already exceeded their sales goal by 200%, another historic milestone for Aim.

The rental department has also soared to remarkable heights. Since early this year, rental utilization has hovered around a record-setting 85%. Like the leasing side of the business, this success is driven by strong demand, dependable rental equipment and an experienced and determined rental team, led by Director of Rental Josh Lombardo, ready to meet that demand head on.

A brand-new, top-of-the line Aim Kenworth day cab rental, one of many new pieces of equipment entering Aim's robust rental fleet.

The rental department isn’t easing up on the throttle either. Throughout the year, Aim has been refreshing its rental fleet, adding new equipment monthly, including brand-new, top-of-the line Kenworth sleepers and day cabs. This is part of Aim’s commitment to its rental customers: providing efficient and reliable trucks and trailers they can depend on.

“2020 was a challenging year for the rental industry in general,” Lombardo said. “During the pandemic, we fought hard to keep our equipment rented, and this year, the pendulum has swung in the complete opposite direction, which presents its own set of difficulties. The way our team has met the challenges of last year and this year has been nothing short of admirable, and everybody in the rental department should be as proud of themselves as I am of them.”

Further cementing the prestige of the sales team, 14 individuals, as of the writing of this article, have already qualified for the Aim Presidents’ Circle award for 2021. Two have qualified for the NationaLease Masters Club platinum award status—an honor given to the best of the best—along with one other who’s on the cusp.

Landing a spot in NationaLease’s Masters Club isn’t easy. Hundreds of sales professionals within the NationaLease network of commercial truck leasing companies compete annually for a spot in this points-based recognition system, awarding only those achieving the highest level of performance. The caliber of competition is fierce, yet Aim proudly occupies numerous spots each year with several regulars, like Masters Club hall of famer Svancara and Aim Sales Manager Mike Wall.

“Aim’s success is the employees’ success,” said Svancara. “They’re the ones who embody our company’s customer-first focus and inject it into every decision they make and every interaction they have. I couldn’t be prouder.”

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