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Aim Phoenix Named Shop of the Year

Aim Transportation Solutions is proud to announce our Phoenix, AZ location as Best Overall Shop of the Year. Each year, Aim recognizes a top region as well as a top service manager, but this is the first time a single location has been recognized.“Phil [Vicinanza] and his team have worked incredibly hard to achieve this goal and I am pleased to be able to recognize their hard work,” said LeRoy Casali, Aim Regional Director of Maintenance. “He drives his team to consistently perform at top efficiency levels and they have risen to the occasion time and time again.”

Aim Phoenix Team- Pictured from Left to Right: Larry Quinlan, Joseph Pinson, Philip Vicinanza, Matthew Nez, Allan Sullenger, Edgar Estudillo. Not Pictured; Dana Holden, Andrew Quinlan, John Norwood.

The winning location was chosen based on best overall report card goal performance as well as overall profitability. Report card goals focus on a series of performance factors and the overall shop efficiency. Each Aim location strives for excellence, but Phoenix has proven themselves this year as a cut above the rest.

“We just do our best to follow the measures Aim has set forth because we know they are tried and true and they work to keep trucks on the road and keep our customers happy,” said Aim Phoenix Service Manager, Phil Vicinanza.

The performance of Aim’s Phoenix location is not only evident internally, but also to our NationaLease affiliates and their customers. Phil was recently recognized for his exceptional service by NationaLease affiliate location, Kris-Way Truck Leasing.

“It is a pleasure to work with Phil and Aim NationaLease’s Phoenix, AZ service team,” said JJ Sullivan of Kris-Way Truck Leasing. “I’ve worked for the competition for 20 years and I can tell you that people like Phil and his team in Phoenix offer better over-the-road service.”

“The pride in what they do is evident in their work and the service our Phoenix location provides to our customers,” continued LeRoy.

For their exceptional performance, each Aim Phoenix tech has received 15,000 Reward Points which can be used for the purchase of tools or Aim apparel.

“This is a really unique award because we’re not just recognizing the excellent leadership of Phil, but we’re also rewarding the entire facility and that’s something really special,” said LeRoy. “When the facility is recognized, the entire branch and all of the techs who are on the ground doing the hard work of keeping our customers on the road share in the prize.”

Phil and his team are honored to be chosen as the first recipients of this award and energized to repeat history in 2022.

“I feel so honored to be working for Aim and working with this incredible team of techs,” said Phil. “We’ll just keep trying our best to come in every day and take care of our customers to the best of our ability.”

Congratulations to Phil Vicinanza and the entire Phoenix team for a job well done!

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