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Aim Marketing Department Sees Major Growth in 2021

In 2021, Aim’s marketing department has grown through the addition of a new position and the promotion of an existing department member into a new role. The need for this growth arose from the marketing department’s increased involvement in the company’s ongoing, upward evolution and recognition from upper management of the importance marketing will play in the company’s future. The department has also adopted a new benchmarking system this year to track its contribution to business growth.

The staff additions this year were designed to strengthen the department as it seeks to innovate the ways in which the company garners new business and strengthens its market share. The department has four central objectives: increase brand awareness, increase brand consideration, enhance customer relationships, and drive lead generation.

The key to the department’s success is the people that compose it and dedicate themselves to its mission daily. In October of 2021, Conrad Smith was promoted to marketing manager. Conrad started with Aim in October of 2017 as the marketing administrator and has grown into an indispensable part of the team.

“Conrad’s skill level in multiple functions of marketing, his dedication to Aim and his coworkers, and his leadership qualities made him the only real choice when it came to the role of marketing manager” said Aim’s director of marketing, Jessica Bochy Deane.

“It’s not every day you find someone as talented and hard-working as Conrad, and we’re fortunate to have him on the team,” said Matt Svancara, EVP of Sales and Marketing.

Pictured (top left, clockwise): Conrad Smith, marketing manager; Jessica Bochy Deane, director of marketing; Joelle Hallis, digital marketing specialist; and Tammie Rodriguez, inside sales specialist.

Conrad’s new position was not the only development Aim’s marketing department saw this year. The department also brought on new team member Joelle Hallis in the role of digital marketing specialist.

“We started dipping our toe in the water with digital marketing many years ago – increasing our SEO, strategically placing digital ads, improving our web citations, social media, and in the last two years, pay-per-click advertising. We’ve seen the benefits: more people know about Aim than ever before, they see our logo out there, people read about the exciting things we’re doing and they want to do business with us,” Jessica goes on to say.

“Bringing on Joelle was a very important step in the right direction with our web presence - we have someone living and breathing Aim from a digital advertising and reputation management standpoint. Not only is the new role fantastic, but we found an amazing candidate in Joelle, who has a history in digital marketing and a history in transportation. She’s a great fit for us, and I look forward to her growing right along with us!” says Jessica.

With the new benchmarking system implemented by Jessica, the department has been able to track its productivity in ways that it never could before. The company has seen an impressive 1,500 leads come from the department’s wide array of efforts, including inside sales specialist, Tammie Rodriguez’s outbound phone calls, monthly webinar participants, and people filling out webforms. These leads have resulted in 155 contractual business proposals and 14 signings YTD in October.

“As a department we can now look and see that the contribution we have made has value, and that pushes us to contribute more,” says Jessica. “Our goals are now measurable and that makes a huge difference to us motivationally speaking.”

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