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Aim Leadership Holds Second ‘Aim Talks’

Building on last year’s success, Aim Transportation Solution hosted its second ‘Aim Talks’ panel. This townhall-style discussion allows Aim Co-Presidents Geoff Fleming and Scott Fleming, alongside members of the senior-level leadership team, to share all the exciting programs, changes and opportunities coming down the pike for Aim. Not only that, but it also serves as a grand stage to recognize the hard work and dedication of Aim’s employees.

One of Aim Talks’ main objectives is transparency. Aim leadership understands employees want to know about matters that directly impact their professional and personal lives—subjects like employee benefits, policy changes, service enhancements, etc.—and they also desire to know more about the overall state of the company—how it’s doing, where it’s going, what’s the outlook?

Moderated by Jessica Deane, Vice President of Marketing, the Aim Talks panel included: Scott Fleming; Geoff Fleming; Dave Gurska, Integrated Logistics Chief Operating Officer; Terry DiMascio, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; John Reed, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Technology; Patty Durkin, Chief Human Resource Officer; Carli Kuntze, Vice President of Human Resources; Harry Shood, Chief Financial Officer; Matt Svancara, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing; Tom Reda, Senior Vice President of Integrated Sales; and Brandon Stieb, Integrated Logistics Vice President of Operations.

Employees who logged on heard Aim’s leadership team discuss a breadth of topics, some of which included employee benefits (including 401k matching), sales growth despite the volatility of the economy, technology and cybersecurity enhancements, continuing popularity and growth of Aim’s dedicated fleet service, Aim’s partnership with Platform Science for ELDs, technology and program improvements for Aim’s diesel techs, and much, much more.

“Aim has always had an open-door policy, and Aim Talks is a great way for us to build upon that openness and transparency on a much larger scale,” said Geoff Fleming. “Aim Talks—as well as our other channels for internal communications—is not only to keep our employees informed about the state of the company, but it’s also to let our employees know they’re supported, included and secure in their employment.”

Bringing Aim Talks more in line with a townhall discussion and recreating that open-door policy virtually, employees were asked to submit questions ahead of the sessions, and the panelists answered them live.

During Scott Fleming’s wrap-up, he hit on something that underscores one of the major motivations behind Aim Talks: Communication at Aim is a two-way street. Scott stressed that the ultimate mission of the leadership team is to support everyone in the field, and to do that, they have to know what employees need to better accomplish their objectives and, more generally, for Aim to continue to rise as a company.

“To best serve our customers, we first and foremost have to continue being a great employer,” Scott Fleming said.  “Being receptive to feedback and engaging in discussions with employees is a huge part of what continues to elevate Aim as a career destination, and Aim Talks is a great platform to get everyone companywide actively involved in this process.”

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