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Aim Launches Redesigned Website

The Aim Transportation Solutions website,, is, for many people, their first glimpse at the Aim brand. It not only presents our full menu of commercial fleet services; it’s also a digital window into who we are and what we represent as a company, employer and community member.

To ensure we’re representing the Aim brand in its fullest, truest fashion, the domain recently underwent a full redesign. The overhaul streamlined navigation, brought the aesthetics more in line with current branding, improved and bolstered information sitewide and significantly enhanced our careers webpage (

Most of all it better tells the story of Aim, a family legacy that began more than 100 years ago. It better represents Aim as it should be: an influential industry leader and technological innovator that has never lost touch with its family-owned roots. That is, it communicates to visitors what our employees and customers already know: Aim Transportation Solutions is a nationwide company capable of serving any company of any size in any industry, and yet we’ve never strayed away from forging the personal one-to-one relationships on which Aim was built over a century ago.

From the aesthetical to the technical, this ambitious project was a team effort between Aim’s MIS and marketing departments working with the talented folks at 898 Marketing, a Youngstown marketing agency.

Users who frequented Aim’s website prior to the redesign will be surprised. The redesign has brought to life a clean aesthetic filled with eye-pleasing whitespace as well as an injection of motion to keep things fresh and lively.

Close attention was paid to the content itself. Each page has been expanded and refined. The benefits of this work twofold: 1) visitors more quickly and easily find the information they’re looking for, and 2) these changes significantly improve Aim’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which, simply put, determines Aim’s ranking on Google when someone searches industry-related keywords.

“I’m extremely proud of this project,” said Jessica Deane, Aim’s Vice President of Marketing. “From the improved interface to the increased SEO and better user experience, this website is a major upgrade for Aim’s web presence.”

“Our website is how most people get their first impression of us, and I feel that we can be proud of what they see,” Deane continued. “I’m grateful for 898 and thankful we have such an advanced, hardworking development team that built this site, and I’m hugely proud of my team, Conrad Smith and Joelle Hallis, for writing the content on the site. It’s been a team effort, and I was on a winning team.”

In the left photo, members from Aim's development, marketing, recruiting and HR departments enjoy a few slices during a website launch party. In the right photo, from l-r, Vice President of Marketing, Jessica Deane, Vice President of Software Development, Dan Kellgren, and Director of Recruiting, Susan Baer, enjoy the sunshine during the website launch party.

After 898 finished coding the front-end side of the site, they handed it off to Aim’s MIS department. The talented individuals on that team, led by Aim’s Vice President of Software Development, Dan Kellgren, then went to work on the back-end to accommodate the new layout 898 sent.

Still before the website went live, the development team put it into a test environment for the quality assurance team to comb through the site searching for issues. Once they were satisfied that those visiting the website were in store for a great experience, they flipped the switch, and the website went live to the world.

“Aim's development team has a close working relationship with our marketing team,” said Kellgren, “and together we were able to work with 898 to refresh and modernize our corporate website.”

“With this approach, my team only needed to plug in the back-end of the site while 898 handled the front-end and graphical assets,” Kellgren added. “We were still able to put the site through our normal QA and load testing before turning the site live. This was truly a team event that was well coordinated.”

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