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Aim Integrated Promotes Eight Individuals

Aim Transportation Solutions is proud to announce a flurry of promotions within Aim Integrated Logistics, Aim’s division offering unparalleled dedicated fleet and freight brokerage services.

Since its inception, Aim Integrated Logistics has steadily grown into a household name within the commercial trucking industry. Currently, Aim Integrated Logistics ranks 22nd on Transport Topics' Top 50 Dedicated Carriers list.

For those unfamiliar, a dedicated fleet through Aim provides a complete distribution and transportation system for its customers. That’s achieved by providing customers with not only trucks and drivers but the technology necessary to make sure the product or services are delivered effectively, efficiently and on time—a must in today’s on-demand climate.

Aim Integrated Logistics’ continued success is borne from one thing: its people. Without each employee’s experience, knowledge and dedication, Aim wouldn’t be able to provide its dedicated fleet customers with the total, complete and flexible shipping services their businesses rely on.

The following individuals have been elevated not only for their superb performance, expertise and commitment but also for their unwavering customer-first focus: Brandon Stieb, Vice President of Operations; Scott Leslie, Regional Vice President; Tony Miele, Regional Vice President; Patrick Grandy, Regional Vice President; Rob Vogan, Regional Vice President; Kim Slater, Director of Integrated Billing; Bethany Sanchez, Regional Field Manager; and Ralph Wilson, Regional Field Manager.

Recently named Vice President of Operations, Brandon Stieb

“The last ten years we’ve had substantial growth, and we felt like as our footprint grows throughout the country, we were kind of losing the personal touch that makes us successful—not only with our customers but with our drivers,” said Aim Integrated Logistics COO, David Gurska. “So, we felt it was important to elevate some individuals and add more people in the field that can visit with our customers more regularly.”

In this interview, Aim Integrated COO & Executive Vice President, David Gurska, discusses the restructuring of his division, which saw eight new promotions.

“Our operations team is full of hard workers and innovative thinkers, and each one of them is a fundamental part of keeping our promise to deliver best-in-class transportation services,” said Tom Reda, Vice President of Business Development for Aim Integrated Logistics. “Promoting eight individuals at once says a lot about Aim: That we hire and develop only the best of the best, and that we live up to our reputation as a top ranked carrier in the U.S.”

Eight promotions at once in a single division is indeed a testament in and of itself. It affirms Aim’s loyalty to its employees, promoting from within and supporting each individual along their career paths.

Newly promoted regional vice presidents (clockwise starting top left): Pat Grandy, Scott Leslie, Rob Vogan and Tony Miele

“Even though we have over a thousand employees, there’s still value in looking at each individual, providing them with an opportunity to grow and prosper, as well as the company to grow and prosper with them,” said Tom Fleming, Aim CEO & Chairman. “We want everyone not to have just a job, but we want everyone at Aim to have a career.”

Within these major promotions, chief among them is Brandon Stieb, transitioning from director of operations to vice president of operations. Over the years, Mr. Stieb’s expertise, forward thinking and innovation have been invaluable to the company, and he has been instrumental in the success of Aim Integrated Logistics’ brokerage services.

Aim’s freight brokerage services (commonly referred to as Aim 3PL) utilizes Aim’s impeccable reputation and longstanding nationwide partnerships to connect shippers with qualified carriers at negotiated cost-effective rates. Aim 3PL provides shippers with instant flexibility and scalability with the benefit of saving time, money and resources—a genuine win-win-win service.

When Gurska was tasked with starting a freight brokerage company, one of his initials thoughts was Brandon. He knew Brandon prior to his arrival at Aim. Most notably, he knew of his strong work ethic and solid character and knew he could play a fundamental role in Aim 3PL’s steady march toward success. Brandon did just that and more.

Aim Founder, Chairman & CEO Tom Fleming discusses what dedicated contract carriage with Aim looks like, the history of the division and what makes Aim a preferred career destination.

Pictured (starting top): Kim Slater, Director of Integrated Billing; Bethany Sanchez, regional field manager; and Ralph Wilson, regional field manager.

“[Brandon] has been a great fit, and he’s been doing an amazing job,” Gurska said. “So, it was a well-deserved promotion.”

“I am confident these individuals, along with everyone else at Aim, will continue to steer us in the right direction,” Gurska added. “I couldn’t be more excited about the future of Aim. The combination of great ownership, great leadership and a great work environment will guarantee our success for years to come.”

If you’re struggling to hire drivers, make deliveries or just want to devote more time, money and resources to your core business, Aim Integrated Logistics is your streamlined answer. Email us to find out how Aim’s experts will engineer a shipping solution customized to how you do business.

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