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Aim Hosts Third Annual Women in Transportation Live Discussion Panel

Aim Transportation Solutions, one of Newsweek’s 2023 Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces®, hosted its third annual Women in Transportation Discussion Panel. This virtual discussion brought together an esteemed group of women who carry out vital roles in the industry—whether behind the wheel of a truck or behind the president’s desk leading a company—to discuss the importance of women in the commercial transportation industry and to address key challenges and opportunities facing women in the field.

Screenshot from the Women in Transportation Discussion Panel.
Aim’s Vice President of Marketing, Jessica Deane, hosted the hour-long virtual event, and the panelists included:

  • Leah Shaver, President & CEO, The National Transportation Institute
  • Rhonda Miller, Director of Safety, Quality, CI & Training, Contractors Steel Company
  • Christine Boucher, Director of Columbus Region Logistics Council (CRLC)
  • Carli Kuntze, Vice President of Human Resources, Aim Transportation Solutions
  • Cindy Salters, Manager of Transportation Operations, Guttman Holdings
  • Christine DiBenigno, President & Owner, International Gourmet Foods
  • Melissa Thompson, Driver, Aim Integrated Logistics

One of the key themes of the discussion panel was the importance of diversity and inclusion in the transportation industry. While relating to their own personal experiences, panelists emphasized the need for companies to create a more inclusive environment that welcomes and supports women, as well as individuals from other underrepresented groups. They also highlighted the value of diverse perspectives in driving innovation and problem-solving within the industry.

“By bringing in a more diverse workforce, we’re really developing our company to move forward,” said Christine DiBenigno during the panel, “because they’re bringing different ideas, different outlooks, different solutions to problems that are persistent.”


Watch the full replay of Aim's third annual Women in Transportation Discussion Panel.

Women have played a major role in addressing the ongoing driver shortage plaguing the country. In 2022, women made up almost 14% of professional drivers, up from just 7.9% in 2018. However, despite these positive developments, challenges remain for women in the transportation industry. Gender stereotypes and biases persist, and women continue to face barriers to entry and advancement. With that, panelists shared their personal experiences and offered advice on how to overcome these challenges and what companies can do to create a culture that invites, supports and propels women to grow and succeed in their careers.

“The objective of the panel is creating visibility to the women who have chosen the road less traveled,” said Jessica Deane. “It begins by having open, honest conversations like the ones we have each year during this panel, which is why spearheading and moderating the annual Women in Transportation Discussion Panel is so near and dear to my heart.”

“All of our panelists are trailblazers in their industries,” Jessica continued. “These women are not only innovating and doing incredible things professionally, but they’re changing the way future generations of women look at transportation and operations when they’re choosing a career path. When they see us leading in a male dominated industry, and we look like them, it’s not so hard for them to imagine themselves leading.”

Leah Shaver echoed Jessica’s sentiments about the industry: “We need to inspire our kids and our communities to believe and understand that the industry has opportunities so that our jobs are first-choice—not second, third or fourth.”

Along with women in the transportation sector facing gender stereotypes and barriers to entry, panelists touched how many women are forced to contend with work-life balance issues.

“Work-life balance is hard for everyone; it is nearly impossible for women who are looking to have or do have young children, especially in roles behind the wheel,” Leah Shaver said live during the discussion. “In my opinion, we will never really make significant headway in the percentage of women who succeed and stay in the industry until we make big moves to create opportunities that don’t require the model of learning the ropes in a survival-of-the-fittest position that takes you far away from home and loved ones.”

As a family-owned and -operated company with a strong devotion to its employees, Aim is committed to cultivating a culture that promotes diversity, inclusion and endless opportunities for growth and success. And we recognize that without the brilliant and devoted women at Aim, Aim wouldn’t be the company it is.

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Aim Transportation Solutions extends its deep appreciation to all the women who participated in this year’s Women in Transportation Discussion Panel.

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