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Aim Holds Regional Maintenance Directors Meeting


With OEMs struggling to meet demand a few years running now, truck build times remain at historic highs. Slogging through this hurry-up-and-wait environment of acquiring new equipment, companies are forced to wring out every mile they can from their existing fleet of vehicles. This means maintenance. Maintenance has quickly transformed from an obligation to the lifeblood of companies with shipping operations. And, for countless businesses, that means trusting Aim Transportation Solutions’ awarding-winning diesel technicians to keep their vehicles running and running efficiently.

In order to uphold Aim’s unmatched brand of fleet maintenance services, communication and a unified mission are critical. So, bi-yearly, Aim holds a maintenance directors meeting to review goals, changes, new programs and whatever is necessary to keep the wrenches turning efficiently for Aim’s customers scattering the nation.

This year, held in South Bend, IN, nearby Aim’s shop in Elkhart, Aim’s Regional Maintenance Directors—along with leadership companywide—got together for one of these meetings. Topics on the docket this year included warranty, technician efficiency and retention, software solutions, tires, oil drain systems and much more.

“Truck maintenance is a fluid, ever-shifting landscape, sometimes changing daily as new waves of technology, government regulations, systems and techniques influence the industry,” said Chris Disantis, Aim’s Vice President of Maintenance. “These meetings help us, as a company, remain proactive rather than reactive so we can guarantee our customers’ vehicles and equipment are being serviced as efficiently as possible using the most sophisticated tools and diagnostic equipment and industry best practices.”

Aim currently has more than 11,000 trucks and trailers under its care through services such as full-service leasingprofessional shop management (Aim ProShop) and preventative maintenance programs. The vehicles composing that fleet run the gamut of equipment types spanning all major industries. Needless to say, the bi-annual Maintenance Directors Meeting is foundational in ensuring Aim’s customers receive the high-level of service they depend on.

The group capped off the meeting at the Navistar Proving Grounds, a three-lane, three-mile oval test track. There they test drove the latest technologies Navistar will be implementing in their vehicles now and into the future, including their upcoming line of electric vehicles.

“We would like to thank Joe Sontag from Navistar for inviting us to the Proving Grounds and allowing us hands-on access to the advances coming from their great brand of trucks,” Disantis added. “The chance to get real-world experience with the variety of technologies coming down the pike is invaluable for us and our customers.”

Aim is proud to have of the industry’s best and brightest leading Aim’s robust maintenance division. If you’re looking for ways to improve or supplement your fleet maintenance, reach out to and put Aim’s award-winning experts to work for you.

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