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Aim Higher Award Presented at Maintenance Meeting

Providing exceptional fleet maintenance and service is fundamental to Aim’s day-to-day operations. In fact, it’s central to what sets Aim apart from the competition. To ensure we’re meeting the needs of our customers today while anticipating their needs of the future, Aim conducts an annual maintenance meeting to ensure we’re ready to exceed the expectations set by our motto: Service is our only product.

This year’s maintenance meeting unfolded in a series of presentations, roundtable discussions, awards and, of course, the always fun and informative vendor fair, when representatives from the biggest brands in the industry show up to go over and discuss upcoming product lines with the Aim team.

The three-day event was littered with highpoints. Chief among them was when Aim Senior Director of Maintenance, Chris Disantis, spotlighted Regional Maintenance Director Nick Martin, presenting him with the Aim Higher award.

While the exceptional service Aim offers is a collective effort, it begins at the individual level. It’s those individuals—those always aiming higher—who move the needle for Aim and make the company a preferred and trusted fleet service provider, and it’s those dedicated, hard-working employees the Aim Higher Award seeks out, those like Mr. Nick Martin.

Martin is rapidly approaching the decade mark with Aim (this November, in fact). Unsurprisingly, his background is a comprehensive and diverse one. It’s a combination of education—holding an associate’s degree in diesel technology and a bachelor’s in business—a well-rounded work experience—working with fleets both small and large as well as invaluable time spent turning wrenches at an International truck dealership—and the insatiable drive to enhance his skillset, grow his knowledge and advance his career. That grit and unwavering determination is key in Martin’s steady ascent to his role as a regional director of maintenance.

Aim maintenance leadership presents Nick Martin (second from left) with the Aim Higher award.

“We’re proud and extremely fortunate to have a maintenance division made up of some of the industry’s best and brightest,” said Disantis. “Though, it makes singling out one individual for this award incredibly difficult, but that’s a problem we’re fortunate to have and we’ll take every day of the week.”

“Nick exemplifies everything we want in an Aim Higher honoree: dedicated, positive, ambitious, thorough, adaptive, perceptive,” Disantis added. “Most of all, Nick is deserving of this award for his relentless investment in the betterment of Aim, our valued customers and his fellow team members.”

“I’ve made many sacrifices to get here, but I’m glad I did,” Martin said. “Aim has been a company that I want to come to work for every day, and I’m grateful for the people I work with. Matt Svancara, Chris Disantis, LeRoy Casali, Terry Dimascio and Scherry May have been monumental to my continued success with Aim, and I’m proud to work for the Flemings.”

As much as the maintenance meeting is about celebrating successes, it’s just as much about laying the groundwork for the future. It’s a way of preparing for the year ahead, ensuring the team is committed to a unified vision of success and utilizing the industry’s best practices and technology.

Important to the overall mission of the meeting is the vendor fair. Representatives from dozens of the industry’s leading brands in tools, diagnostic equipment, parts and truck manufacturers fly from across the country to attend. Aim has always been determined to remain on the leading-edge of technology. If there’s a way Aim can deliver more value and better efficiency to our customers, we want it in our hands. And during the vendor fair, the Aim maintenance team spends invaluable time with these experts discovering ways to do just that.

Aim’s skilled and experienced maintenance team locks in for one of the day’s constructive strategy sessions.

“With Aim locations spanning the country, we place a lot of importance on our annual maintenance meeting,” said Scherry May, Aim’s Training and Support Manager and the event’s coordinator. “It’s one of our only opportunities to have all the great minds in our maintenance division come together for group and one-on-one collaborations, and we always walk away with a ton of great strategies, ideas and goals that go on to benefit the company and our customers.”

“Aim’s motto is ‘service is our only product,’ and living up to those words starts with our award-winning maintenance,” said Aim Co-President Geoff Fleming. “Businesses can lease or buy a truck anywhere, but it’s our talented, experienced maintenance personnel who keep them coming back to the Aim brand, a brand they can trust. So, thank you to each and every individual who make up our nationwide maintenance team. What you do is crucial to Aim’s success, and we appreciate you.”

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