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Aim Diesel Mechanic Bob Mrzyglod Promoted to Foreman

Since joining Aim Transportation Solutions 17 years ago, Bob Mrzyglod has proven himself to be an elite, award-winning diesel technician, and it’s with great pleasure we announce his well-deserved promotion to foreman.

Prior to joining Aim, Bob worked for HazMat Environmental Group for 13 years, where he spent the last four years there as a second-shift foreman. Right before joining Aim, he spent a year turning wrenches at Bison Truck Center (now known as Hunter Peterbilt of Buffalo, NY).

When we say Bob has proven himself to be an elite, award-winning diesel tech, we’re not exaggerating. Since joining the Aim family in 2006, Bob has earned his ASE certifications, received the New York State Golden Wrench Award (twice), competed in NationaLease’s Top Tech Challenge seven times and winning five, and competed in TMC’s highly competitive Super Tech competition seven times.

Bob Mrzyglod (tan shirt) holds up his prize for last year's win at NationaLease's Top Tech Challenge.

“Since joining Aim, I’ve learned a ton about diagnostics and troubleshooting,” Bob said. “I’ve gained a ton of confidence in my diagnosis and repair abilities, and I’ve had the chance to travel to a few new places for tech competitions.”

Bob takes care of Aim’s valued customers’ trucks and equipment at our shop in Buffalo, NY. He and the rest of the team do it all: from preventative maintenance to basic repairs to complex overhauls to everything in between and then some.

“When it comes to what we provide our customers, it’s what happens behind the scenes; that is, what goes on in the garage, under the hood, on the side of the road, that’s what sets Aim apart,” said Vice President of Maintenance, Chris Disantis. “Our ability to provide best-in-class service begins and ends with the skill, drive and knowhow of the people doing it, and Mr. Mrzyglod, who does such an incredible job for us each and every day, is an example of the high-caliber diesel technician we hire and cultivate.”

“There are several competing companies offering the same the services we do—such as full-service leasing, preventative maintenance, etc.—but what those companies don’t have is Bob and first-rate mechanics like him, and that’s a major reason the Aim brand continues to grow nationwide,” Disantis added.

In his free time, Bob likes to read science fiction and adventure books, watch movies, do jigsaw puzzles and relax by his backyard firepit in the summer. He and his wife, Shannon, recently celebrated their 20th anniversary.

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