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Aim Celebrates Truck Drivers

As the old adage goes: If you bought it, a truck brought it. It’s a short and simple statement, yet, in just eight words, it underscores how necessary truck drivers are to our daily lives. To help the nation not lose sight of this, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW) is held every year in September. During this weeklong event, Americans are asked to show their appreciation for the country’s 3.5 million professional truck drivers and the fundamental role they carry out quietly and with pride. So, before we go any further, we want to say: Thank you, drivers. We truly appreciate you. All of you.

While Aim doesn’t need a special reminder of how crucial our truck drivers are to us providing best-in-class dedicated fleet services, we never miss seizing the NTDAW event to give our professional drivers some extra appreciation.

“For decades, Aim Integrated Logistics has made a name for itself by employing the highest caliber drivers, and without them, we would be nothing,” said Dave Gurska, COO of Aim Integrated Logistics. “To see the hard work, sacrifice and dedication our drivers—and the nation’s drivers—have demonstrated, especially during the last two years, has been inspiring, and I’m honored to be able to express how much I and everyone at Aim appreciate all they’ve done and continue to do for our valued customers and the country’s supply chain.”

This year, every Aim driver received a $50 gift card inside a thank you card signed by Aim’s executive team and regional managers. But it didn’t stop there. From Sept. 13 – 17, a lineup up of Aim hosts stepped in front of the camera—including Aim Co-Presidents Scott and Geoff Fleming and their father, Aim Chairman/CEO Tom Fleming—to share across social media their gratitude for Aim’s truck drivers and raffle off 10 70” Samsung Ultra HD televisions.

Aim driver Brian Golec stands next to his brand new 70" television after having his name drawn during Aim's National Truck Driver Appreciation Week celebration. Thank you for all you do, Brian!

The winning Aim drivers were:

  • Floyd Johnston
  • Joshua Fry
  • Anthony Tarmon
  • Joe Cannon
  • Brian Golec
  • John Vader Jr.
  • Thomas Hively Jr.
  • Steve Wiggins
  • Thomas Jones
  • Todd Bennett

The most difficult task on the NTDAW agenda was taking Aim’s elite, nationwide team of highly skilled professional drivers and narrowing them down to just five individuals for daily driver spotlights, which were also shared across Aim’s social media. As tough of an undertaking as this was, these were the individuals recognized for their hard work and relentless commitment to Aim and our valued customers:

  • Bud Hough
  • Greg Jones
  • Sam Atkins
  • David Wesig
  • Joshua Fry

Thank you to them and all of our amazing truck drivers.


Pictured next to his rig is US Navy Veteran Sam Atkins, one of five Aim drivers to be spotlighted during Aim's National Truck Driver Appreciation Week celebration. Sam, thank you for your service.

Watch our YouTube playlist featuring each day's raffle.

Aim is proud to continue adding good-paying driving jobs with great benefits to several parts of the country. Aim works with a large variety of customers all over the country, so there’s always something available for everyone. Drivers in need of a job can view opportunities at, or reach out to our recruiting department directly at 330-318-4260.

If you’re struggling to hire drivers for your business, a dedicated fleet through Aim Integrated Logistics is your all-in-one answer. Providing more than just trucks and drivers, our experts engineer a transportation solution to compliment your business that enhance and optimize your shipping operation while reducing the time, money and resources spent on your fleet. To learn more about how an Aim dedicated fleet (or any of our other transportation solutions such as full-service leasing or comprehensive maintenance programs), reach out to

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