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Aim Celebrates Technicians and Shop Workers

In September, Aim celebrated truck drivers across the country with National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. While drivers keep product moving, there is a group of often unsung heroes who keep the wheels turning: our technicians and shop workers. The tireless work of technicians is invaluable in keeping trucks and drivers where they belong: on the road. They are vital to Aim, the supply chain, and our country.

The week of October 25-29, Aim celebrated these supply chain heroes with Aim Technician Appreciation Week; a week dedicated to showing technicians and shop workers across the country the recognition they deserve.

“We want to thank [our techs] for all the hard work [they] put in,” said Aim Senior Director of Maintenance Chris Disantis as he helped us kick off Tech Appreciation Week. “It’s what [they] do on the floor every day that keeps our customers happy and keeps the supply chain moving for our customers and our country.”

“All our techs rock and, as they say: When techs rock, America rolls,” he added.

Our techs certainly do rock, and we went all out to make sure Aim techs know what they mean to our company. Our Cleveland sales rep and grill master, Alex Marchal, even held in impromptu cookout, grilling up steaks for the local maintenance team.

This year, each Aim technician received a $50 gift card inside a thank you card signed by Aim’s executive team and regional managers. All week long, a collection of Aim hosts – including Aim Co-Presidents Scott and Geoff Fleming – stepped in front of the camera to share their messages of gratitude and pull two daily winners of 10 70” TVs.

Eric Maynard from our Erie location showing off his new 70" HD TV.

The winning Aim technicians were:

• Andrew Cully – Crafton, PA

• Luke Antonio – Walton Hills, OH

• Edward Marek – Cleveland, OH

• Zachary Bell – Wheatland, PA

• Eric Maynard – Erie, PA

• Luis Morales – Gainesville, GA

• Henry Penarete-Gonzalez – Pottsville, PA

• Evan Seiber – Freedom/Cranberry, PA

• Christopher France – Crafton, PA

• Ronald Pahanish – Wheatland, PA

At Aim, we take pride in employing the best of the best, so recognizing our technicians is easy. The hard work comes when we have to narrow down our “spotlight technicians”—a group of individuals chosen by management who consistently go above and beyond the call to provide industry-leading solutions to meet our customers’ transportation needs.

These skilled professionals help us not only maintain Aim’s fleet, but foster lasting relationships with our customers in keeping their equipment moving. One of our customers, E.A. Sween Company, reached out to let us know what one of our spotlight technicians in Romeoville, IL means to their fleet.

“I have known Rick [Buric] for just about 7 years now and can say, without a doubt, that he is one of the most dedicated providers I have ever has the pleasure of working with,” said E.A. Sween Operations Manager, Justin Johnson. “He is customer obsessed, ensuring all of our units are functional which is not an easy task with a 24/7 operation.”

Of Rick’s mentorship abilities Johnson said, “Rick has definitely made an impact on present and former employees. We are extremely grateful for the work he and Aim do for our company.”

Cleveland sales rep Alex Marchal cooking steaks for the local maintenance team.

We had so many Aim technicians like Rick in our nationwide team of highly skilled professionals worthy of a place in the spotlight, we could not contain it all in one week. Overall, we have shined the spotlight on NINETEEN individuals deserving of a little extra pat on the back.

They are:

• Andy Hoge – Freedom/Cranberry, PA

• Morris Billingsley – Walton Hills, OH

• William Herbert – Chandler, AZ

• Diego Campos – Chicago, IL

• Robert Tucker – Lexington, KY

• Griffin Sorensen – Gainesville, GA

• Edgar Serrano – Yuma, AZ

• Rick Buric – Romeoville, IL

• Chris Wells – Richmond, VA

• Matt Dove – Buffalo, NY

• Leon Fisher – Richmond, VA

• Kevin Reed – Wheatland, PA

• Marvin Cooper – Phoenix, AZ

• Dan Urda – Cleveland, OH

• Victor Pujols – Landover, MD

• Eric Tipton – Denver, CO

• Marc Duselis – Indianapolis, IN (South)

• Ralph Clark – Springfield, VA

• James Cephas – Manassas, VA

All Star Tech, Rick Buric is a huge asset in the success of our Romeoville, IL shop.

Thank you to our spotlight technicians and techs and shop workers across the country. We could not be who we are if you did not do what you do.

Techs and shop workers interested in joining our team can view job openings at

If you're struggling to maintain your fleet while juggling the day-to-day activities of managing your core business, Aim can help! Reach out to to see how.

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