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Aim and TEMA—A Multi-Generational Partnership

Two family-owned and -operated businesses both headquartered in Youngstown, OH build a partnership that spans multiple generations. In big cities and other parts of the country this may be a foreign concept, but in Youngstown it’s just another day.

TEMA Roofing Services Vice President and third generation roofing contractor, Justin Froelich sat down with Aim Director of Marketing, Jessica Deane to discuss TEMA’s business model and their partnership with Aim.

The Froelich family, owners and operators of TEMA Roofing Services headquartered in Youngstown, OH

TEMA, like Aim, has been in the Youngstown area for over 50 years and brings a combined 112 years of experience to the Commercial Roofing market. The company history dates back to the 70s when Justin’s grandfather entered the roofing industry and shortly after, took Justin’s father, Tom under his wing. Tom took the company and grew it before selling off and branching out to start TEMA.

“TEMA stands for Thomas Edmund and Margaret Ann, my parents’ initials, and the five bars in our logo represent their five children,” Justin explained.

“I see my father every day. I see my mother every day. She questions me about the credit card bill. This is as much of a family business as it gets,” he laughed.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, many businesses were forced to close their doors but TEMA, declared an essential business, continued to flourish. Many companies taking advantage of work-from-home opportunities also took the opportunity to replace their roof without disturbing the work day.

“It was beneficial to us that we were still able to work, but we didn’t get to work because of COVID. We got to work because of the relationships we’ve built and the quality of work that we stand by,” said Justin.

One of those relationships is the multi-generation partnership forged between TEMA Roofing Services and Aim Transportation Solutions. TEMA has been leasing trucks from Aim for years-- reducing maintenance costs and cutting back on the time and resources it takes to maintain a fleet of vehicles.

“We’re growing at a large scale, and trucks are not cheap—especially the types of trucks we need for our application,” said Justin. “When you have a company like Aim whose sole purpose is to take care of the trucks, it fits right into our business model. If there’s an issue with a job, you call TEMA. If there’s an issue with the truck, you call Aim.”

Being headquartered in Youngstown comes with an unspoken understanding-- we help each other and we lift up our community.

“I see you guys everywhere,” laughed Justin. “Golf outings, dinners, charity events, you name it. Aim is really out there walking the walk.”

And walking right beside Aim is TEMA. Both companies are heavy-haulers in the local nonprofit community with team members and ownership alike supporting organizations like The United Way of Youngstown, Project MKC, and many others supporting those in our community who need a hand up.

TEMA walking the walk and helping the community through the United Way.

During the holiday season, especially, the current supply chain disruptions cannot be ignored.

“I think these issues are affecting everyone in one way or another, whether you want to buy a piece of furniture or a garage door or just go get some chicken wings,” said Justin. “But I think it has hit construction the hardest.”

Those disruptions will not stop TEMA who remains steadfast in their commitment to provide superior commercial roofing services to Youngstown area businesses and partners across the country.

“It’s not an excuse. It is what it is and we’ve just got to get creative and find new ways to get the job done,” continued Justin.

As TEMA continues to do what it takes to get the job done, Aim will be along for the ride. We are thankful to have such wonderful friends and partners as TEMA and look forward to growing with them for generations to come.

The full interview with Justin Froelich can be viewed below.

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View the Full Interview with TEMA Roofing Services VP, Justin Froelich


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