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Aim 2024 "What My Grown-up Does" Drawing Contest Celebrates Creative Talent and Family Values

Aim Transportation Solutions is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the Aim 2024 "What My Grown-up Does" Drawing Contest. With an overwhelming response from participants and engagement across social media platforms, the contest highlighted Aim's commitment to fostering a positive, family-focused workplace culture.

For this contest, Aim team members were asked to share information with the children in their lives about their job and how it impacts the transportation industry. Children were then asked to draw what their “grown-up” does for Aim. The contest received an impressive total of 66 submissions, with several photographs acquiring over 1,000 reactions! The reach of the contest extended to nearly 78,000 individuals, generating over 5,000 engagements on the submitted photos. Numerous images were shared by Aim team members within driver and mechanic groups on social media, further increasing Aim’s exposure to potential future employees and customers.

“As a parent, myself, I know my son is always questioning what I do at work. I love that this contest gave Aim team members the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with the little ones in their lives about their careers and the direct impact each of us has on the transportation industry,” said Aim Digital Marketing Manager Joelle Hallis. “Not only does it open their eyes to a career path they may not have initially sought, but it gives them a real connection to the trucks they see on the road and what the grown-up in their life does to put and keep those trucks on the road and delivering the products we all use every day.”

There was a total of 4 winners, one in each pre-determined age category. The winners each receive a $100 Amazon Gift card to buy a toy or electronic for their child, and an Aim diecast truck. The Aim employee with the winning child submission in each category receives an extra day of PTO to spend with their child.

Top Row L to R: <4 Winner Lachlan Blair, Age 3 Submitted by Emily Papamarkos, Billing Coordinator, Girard; 5-8 Winner Aubrey, Age 6 Submitted by Zach Rounds, Diesel Mechanic, Girard
Bottom Row L to R: 9-12 Winner Landon Floyd, Age 11 Submitted by Rochelle Sweitzer, Road Rescue 1st Shift Supervisor, Girard; 13+ Winner Anslee Ralston, Age 14 Submitted by Cody Bowser, Diesel Mechanic, Erie

The Aim 2024 Drawing Contest was designed to showcase Aim's dedication to promoting a supportive and family-oriented work environment. Through the creativity and talent displayed in the submissions, the contest successfully highlighted Aim's core values of fun, family, and work-life balance to a wide audience.

"Aim is a family organization; from being family-owned and -operated to the culture within every one of our facilities," said Jessica Deane, Vice President of Marketing at Aim Transportation Solutions. "This contest, and the engagement we saw from so many of our employees and their kids demonstrated our family values and warmed all of our hearts. I’m incredibly proud of our Aim Marketing team member, Joelle Hallis, for proposing and implementing this contest. She really nailed it.”

The contest not only served to increase engagement within Aim, but it also created an opportunity for parents to talk to their kids about their own careers in the transportation industry. “We’re seeing a national crisis in the shortage we have of trade-based professionals like CDL drivers and Diesel Mechanics.” Deane goes on to say. “Talking to kids about the opportunities that exist for them outside of a traditional 4-year degree has immense value. Trade-based professions will continue to be in need and command high salaries and endless opportunities. The contest was a success if it made a single child think, “Maybe I want to drive a truck when I grow up.”

The success of the Aim 2024 Drawing Contest further solidifies Aim Transportation Solutions' reputation as a Most Loved Workplace®, a recognition earned through its dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment.

All the submissions and winners can be viewed in Aim’s Facebook album here: Drawing Contest Facebook Album

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