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2024 International Roadcheck, May 14-16
Posted on 04/12/2024 01:15 PM

Picture with trucks pulling into weigh station, promoting the International RoadcheckThe Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) plays a crucial role in promoting safety and compliance within the commercial transportation industry. One of its most significant annual events, the International Roadcheck, is rapidly approaching.

Beginning May 14, the three-day event’s objective is to improve road safety by conducting thorough inspections of commercial vehicles and their drivers. During this period, commercial motor vehicle inspectors in the United States, Canada, and Mexico will perform inspections at weigh stations, roadside checkpoints and other locations. These inspections help identify and address potential safety issues before they lead to accidents or breakdowns on the road.

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Aim Webinar: Marijuana Legalization and Its Impacts on Trucking
Posted on 01/15/2024 05:55 PM

Graphic advertising upcoming webinar on marijuana legalization and its impacts on trucking

As more states move toward the legalization of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, industries are grappling with the impacts. Perhaps more than most, the trucking industry raises a near endless list of questions and concerns regarding safety, regulations and company policies.

The trucking industry already operates within a web of regulations to ensure the safety of drivers and the public. Marijuana legalization adds yet another layer of complexity to these regulations that businesses operating commercial vehicles need to contend with. For example, different jurisdictions may have varying laws regarding marijuana use, so questions arise about how to regulate and enforce usage policies consistently.

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Winter Truck Driving Presents Many Challenges
Posted on 11/27/2023 09:00 PM

Image advertising Safe Winter Truck Driving Best Practices Webinar

Whether you're a business owner or a driver yourself, we encourage you to sign up for our free, Safe Winter Truck Driving Best Practices Webinar, happening Dec. 5 at 3:00 PM (EST). At that time, Aim Safety Manager John Rugarber will take attendees through the dos and don'ts of navigating tough winter conditions with confidence, ensuring not only their own safety but also contributing to the overall well-being of the roadways they traverse and the protection of the cargo they carry.

Here are some common issues truck drivers face during the winter months:

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Proposed CSA Changes Could Affect Your Operation
Posted on 11/13/2023 02:01 PM

Image advertising upcoming webinar on proposed CSA changesOne of the proposed changes to the CSA program includes a shift in focus from a score-based system to a prioritization approach. Instead of assigning specific scores to carriers in various safety categories, the new approach aims to prioritize interventions based on the carriers' safety performance.

This means that rather than relying solely on a numerical score, the FMCSA is exploring ways to better identify and target carriers with the highest safety risk. The prioritization approach considers various factors and data points to determine which carriers may pose the most significant safety concerns.

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Aim To Host Webinar on Industry-Changing CARB Regulations
Posted on 10/09/2023 06:37 PM

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has long been at the forefront of environmental regulations in the United States. While their initiatives are aimed at reducing emissions and improving air quality, out-of-state truckers often find themselves grappling with the complexities and challenges posed by CARB regulations.

CARB's regulations primarily target emissions from heavy-duty trucks and aim to reduce pollutants that contribute to air pollution and climate change. These regulations include stringent requirements for truck engines, fuel efficiency standards and the implementation of cleaner technologies. While these measures align with broader environmental goals, out-of-state truckers face unique challenges in complying with CARB regulations.

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