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Aim Races Forward at Annual Maintenance Meeting
Posted on 10/31/2023 02:25 PM

Aim Maintenance Meeting LogoProviding exceptional fleet maintenance is at the heart of Aim Transportation Solutions’ mission. It’s what keeps Aim’s customers happy. It’s what sets Aim apart from the competition. To put it simply: It’s what Aim does best.

To help ensure Aim is meeting the needs of its customers today while anticipating their needs of the future, Aim conducts an annual Maintenance Meeting. This event sets in motion the groundwork necessary to exceed the high expectations set by our motto: Service is our only product.

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Kevin Reed Named Corporate Trainer
Posted on 10/24/2023 07:08 PM

Aim Transportation Solutions is excited to announce that after joining the company as a diesel mechanic in 2020, Kevin Reed has been promoted to Corporate Trainer. 

Kevin grew up around trucks and heavy equipment and knew at a young age that he wanted to work with them one day. He attended school at New Castle School of Trades where he trained under Dean Kennedy, Aim’s Director of Warranty and Training, and obtained his associate degree in heavy-duty repair. 

As a corporate trainer, Kevin will help with the ongoing continued education and training of Aim diesel mechanics. 

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Aim CIO & VP of Technology Hits 30-Year Milestone with Aim
Posted on 10/24/2023 05:23 PM

Headshot of Aim CIO & VP of Technology, John ReedThere are many companies that offer commercial fleet services, but there is none as innovative, as customer focused and, frankly, as good as Aim Transportation Solutions. A huge part of Aim’s success is owed to one man’s game-changing technological prowess, big-picture vision and unwavering passion: Aim’s CIO and Vice President of Technology, John Reed.

John Reed recently celebrated his 30th anniversary at Aim, a feat that by itself speaks to his steadfast dedication to and enthusiasm for Aim and its mission. Since he came on board, Reed, and the remarkable team he’s assembled, has been setting the industry ablaze with technological innovation and envelope-pushing trends. For decades, he’s been a champion for Aim, his team members and the community where he lives and works.

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Alanna McBride Named Quality Assurance Specialist
Posted on 10/11/2023 02:08 PM

Alanna McBride.Aim Transportation Solutions is excited to announce the promotion of Alanna McBride to Quality Assurance Specialist.

Alanna started with Aim as a spec writer and quickly showed how vital she was to Aim’s software developmental team. She has a degree in technical writing and formerly taught technology and English classes at a private school.

“Alanna excelled right out of the gate. She started working only part-time and moved to a full-time role after a few months. She started taking on more tasks such as training and quality assurance,” said VP of Software Development, Dan Kellgren.

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Aim To Host Webinar on Industry-Changing CARB Regulations
Posted on 10/09/2023 06:37 PM

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has long been at the forefront of environmental regulations in the United States. While their initiatives are aimed at reducing emissions and improving air quality, out-of-state truckers often find themselves grappling with the complexities and challenges posed by CARB regulations.

CARB's regulations primarily target emissions from heavy-duty trucks and aim to reduce pollutants that contribute to air pollution and climate change. These regulations include stringent requirements for truck engines, fuel efficiency standards and the implementation of cleaner technologies. While these measures align with broader environmental goals, out-of-state truckers face unique challenges in complying with CARB regulations.

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Matt Svancara Named to COO of Aim Leasing Company
Posted on 10/06/2023 02:40 PM

In an exciting new development for Aim Transportation Solutions, a family-owned and -operated provider of commercial fleet service, the company is pleased to announce the appointment of Matt Svancara to Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Aim Leasing Company. With an extraordinary track record of success, a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the transportation industry, Svancara is poised to play an even more important role in Aim’s ongoing growth, expansion and overall success.

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Aim Moves Toledo Used Truck Center to Nearby Napoleon
Posted on 10/04/2023 05:08 PM

In an exciting development for Toledo and Northwest Ohio businesses and truck enthusiasts, Aim Transportation Solutions, a national leader in commercial transportation solutions, will be moving its Toledo Used Truck Center to nearby Napoleon, OH.

With an extensive inventory of well-maintained off-lease, pre-owned commercial vehicles, the Aim Toledo Used Truck Center has been a go-to destination for local and regional businesses and individuals in search of top-notch trucks ready to tackle any job. As rental, maintenance and leasing business at Aim’s Toledo location continues to grow, the move to Napoleon will provide those in the market for used trucks an even better shopping experience with more streamlined service and support.

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Chad Bauer Named to Used Trucks Operations Manager
Posted on 10/03/2023 05:47 PM

Aim Transportation Solutions is thrilled to announce the promotion of Chad Bauer to Used Trucks Operations Manager. Chad started with Aim in 2010 as a diesel mechanic. From there, he was promoted to shop foreman and flourished in this role before receiving this well-deserved promotion. 

In Chad’s new position, he will play a crucial role in used truck sales, coordinating between shops and overseeing prep times. He will also be managing the quarterly and annual reviews on technicians in the used trucks shops. 

Chad said, “I like working at Aim because every day presents itself a new challenge that you have to work through. Each day you learn something new.” 

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Alexys Joshua Named Accounting Administrator
Posted on 09/26/2023 05:12 PM

Aim Transportation Solutions is happy to announce the promotion of Alexys Joshua from Licensing Clerk to Accounting Administrator. 

“I love working at Aim because everyone is willing to help each other and the atmosphere is great like a big family,” said Alexys. “I am super excited to learn the position and learn new skills as well as new parts in the company.”

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Aim Cooks Up Gratitude All Summer Long
Posted on 09/25/2023 07:15 PM

In the fast-paced and competitive world of business, there is one thing that Aim Transportation Solutions refuses to let slide: employee appreciation. While salaries and benefits are essential, there's another aspect of employee satisfaction that should never be overlooked: recognition and appreciation.

One of the ways Aim Transportation Solutions shows appreciation to our employees is by hosting employee appreciation lunches at each of our shops nationwide. As you may have seen on Aim’s social media over the summer, our awesome service managers and local teams host a lunch in their respective shops to show appreciation for the job each Aim employee performs daily. Most of the lunches are also attended by a member or two from our executive team in addition to the local folks.

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