Winterization Steps We Recommend to Our Customers

Posted on January 25th, 2019

  • Most Aim equipment has engine block heaters. If temperatures are predicted to be below 15 degrees, units should be plugged in. Have an accessible plug available to use at the end of the day while the engine is still warm. Please ensure the extension cord is properly rated and in good condition.
  • At Aim we use blended fuel at our locations in winter months. If you fuel elsewhere, ensure the station has a preventative maintenance plan for their tanks and is supplying fuel that is treated to -20 degrees. If you cannot purchase treated fuel, contact us to purchase bottles of additive. Use caution as over-treating fuel could result in fuel system damage.
  • Another common winter problem is air-line freeze-ups. To avoid this, drain the unit’s air tanks at the end of each trip by pulling the drain cords on the drain valves. Report excess water immediately. Water in the air lines will freeze and create issues with several components.
  • We encourage all drivers to stock their units with winter related supplies in case of a breakdown or a “no start”. These items are water, food, blankets or sleeping bag, warm coat, gloves, boots, hat, phone charger, and anything else they deem appropriate. Your drivers’ well-being and safety is our primary concern.
  • Report any dash warning lights to Aim immediately.
  • Report issues as soon as they arise to minimize delays. A thorough post-trip is important all year, but even more so during extreme temperatures. Any defect reported during or at the end of a trip will reduce the risk of delays at the start of the following trip.
  • Finally, Aim is available to make a winter operation presentation to your drivers. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please call your local Aim representative. We want to do anything and everything possible to make this winter as safe and trouble free as possible.

Still have questions? For more information, watch Aim’s director of maintenance and director of training discuss tips for winterizing your fleet: VIDEO

Please contact us if you’d like further information or to talk about how Aim helps your fleet stay moving, even in the winter.

Aim Names Co-Presidents Scott Fleming and Geoffrey Fleming

Posted on January 23rd, 2019

Aim Transportation Solutions, a nationwide full-service transportation provider, headquartered in Girard, Ohio, is pleased to announce the promotion of Scott Fleming and Geoffrey Fleming to the Office of the President. Effective January 1, 2019, Scott and Geoffrey have been promoted to the positions of Co-Presidents alongside their father, Aim’s Founder and CEO, Tom Fleming. In their new positions Scott and Geoffrey will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of all the Aim Transportation Solutions companies. Tom will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board and concentrate on long-term planning, acquisitions, and strategic customer and vendor relations.

Scott is a graduate of Malone College and a former United States Marine Corps veteran serving time in Iraq as a Mobile Assault Platoon Sergeant. Scott joined Aim full time in 1999 and has worked in various positions and divisions within the company, starting with sweeping floors and moving on to asset management as part of the maintenance department; sales out at Aim’s Denver location; regional coordinator for Aim Integrated Logistics; and President of Aim Services Co. He, his wife Erica and their three children live in Canfield, Ohio.

Geoffrey, a graduate of Boston College with an MBA from the Kellogg school of business, joined Aim full time in 2005. Geoffrey has experience in various roles throughout the company, including: maintenance operations, working as a member of the Chicago sales team, and Vice President of Purchasing. He, his wife Amy and their two children live in Pine, Pennsylvania.

Aim announces this expansion of its executive team after a banner year of growth in both sales and revenue. “We look positively towards the future of Aim,” said Tom Fleming. “I believe that under the leadership of Scott and Geoffrey, this growth will continue.”

Pictured left to right: Geoffrey Fleming, Tom Fleming, and Scott Fleming.

Aim Fall 2018 Newsletter

Posted on December 28th, 2018

Once a quarter, Aim releases a newsletter featuring content on the company as well as the transportation industry. These newsletters are designed to inform our customers, employees, and the world on what’s happening within Aim Leasing Company, Aim Integrated Logistics, and Aim Services Co. Recent events within Aim or involving customers, acquisitions, promotions, human interest pieces, and often times important employee information from HR is all circulated from this news vehicle. In addition, there is a letter from the president of the company, Tom Fleming, in each quarterly. We hope you enjoy!
Get all the latest news HERE! Aim’s Fall 2018 newsletter has been released.

Chicago Aim Locations Open Their Doors for 20-year Open House Celebration

Posted on November 26th, 2018

CHICAGO– Aim has been bringing cost-effective and efficient transportation solutions to Chicago and surrounding areas for two decades.

To celebrate, Aim Illinois locations in Elmhurst and South Holland opened their doors to visitors for food, prizes and good times.

“The world of commercial trucks, equipment and services is an extremely competitive industry, especially in an area like Chicago,” said Aim Regional Vice President Tim Hanley. “The fact we’ve remained a strong presence—in fact, we’ve only grown stronger—in the area is a testament to Aim’s superior offerings and customer service.”

Aim’s President, Tom Fleming; Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Matt Svancara; and Hanley attended both events. Joining them were visitors from Aim’s valued partners; local representatives from NationaLease, Aim’s affiliate network comprised of more than 900 locations in North America; and various vendors, who make it possible for Aim to offer fully customizable commercial trucks and equipment.

“We have the privilege of working with a wide variety of great partners, such as Lion Logistics and Power Distributing, who are just a block away from our shop here,” said Aim Senior Account Executive Kerry Langlois, who works out of Elmhurst. “And it’s a pleasure being able to host events like these. It truly feels like a family gathering whenever we get together.”

At Aim Elmhurst, Dutch Farms Transportation Manager Ron Maida was presented with a plaque commemorating 20 years of partnership with Aim. Likewise, in South Holland, Bob Debolt, Rick Piuntl and Scott Hipp of F.H. Ayer Manufacturing also celebrated 20 years of partnership.

“Events like these remind you how many wonderful Chicago-area businesses and people we have the privilege of working with each and every day,” said Business Development Specialist Brian Peisker, out of South Holland. “Some of them have been with us since our doors opened 20 years ago, and I believe we can attribute that to the family-owned care and attention we’re able to provide each of our appreciated partners.”

To our Chicago-area customers and beyond, thank you for being the best part of Aim. We look forward to another 20 years in Chicagoland.

Aim in Elmhurst, IL, opens its doors to celebrate 20 years of business in Chicago.

Pictured, left to right: Tim Hanley, Aim Regional Vice President; Tom Fleming, Aim President; Ron Maida, Dutch Farms Transportation Manager; and Matt Svancara, Aim Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Pictured, left to right: Rick Piunti, F.H. Ayer Manufacturing Supervisor; Tom Fleming, Aim President; Bob DeBolt, F.H. Ayer Manufacturing President & CEO; Brian Peisker, Aim Business Development Specialist; and Scott Hipp, F.H. Ayer Manufacturing Supervisor.

Visitors at Aim in South Holland, IL, enjoy great food and giveaways to commemorate 20 years of business in the area.

Aim Is Expanding in Ohio

Posted on November 15th, 2018

GIRARD, OH – As part of an ongoing mission to deliver unparalleled transportation solutions to businesses far and wide, Aim has been blanketing Ohio (along with various regions across the U.S.) with locations that are both strategic and practical.

On that, Aim is pleased to share its two newest locations located in Tiffin and Troy, Ohio.

These locations are strategic in that they’re perfectly situated to serve current customers while attracting new ones; practical in their ability to function as one-stop locations for servicing vehicles, signing new deals, providing consultation and renting commercial trucks and equipment.

While construction on the Troy facility is still underway, Aim in Tiffin is fully operational, already serving area customers at 324 4th Avenue, Tiffin, OH 44883.

“Our Tiffin location will be great for existing and potential clients alike,” said Aim Regional Vice President Joe Telega. “Aim in Tiffin will go far in streamlining and enhancing the customer experience in that region.”

Aim’s Troy facility, located just north of Dayton, OH, is slated to open Spring of 2019.

“The new Troy facility is one of many areas of growth for the company right now,” said Matt Svancara, Aim Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Customer service is our primary focus at Aim, and this new location will go far in bolstering that mission. We’re ready to bring Aim’s brand of transportation solutions to that region of the state.”

Aim offers a complete menu of services, such as full-service truck and equipment leasing, commercial rentals, dedicated logistics and numerous maintenance programs, all with family-owned attention and care. We’re thrilled to bring all of this and more to businesses in Tiffin, Troy and surrounding areas.

Our reach extends far beyond our physical locations. We have the ability to provide many of our services to every corner of the country.

Request a quote to find out how a partnership with Aim can bolster your transportation operation.

For a complete list of Aim locations, click here.

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